Wednesday, January 1, 2014



where the hell did you go? it was a crazy year for us. what did we do during 2013? let's look at the low-lights, highlights, and review those resolutions of 2013 [how did i do?].

low-lights [let's just get these out of the way...]:
  • i had two seizures this year [february and november].
  • keith and i both have struggled with family issues that we work really hard at resolving, but find it challenging some days.
  • layla is getting older and this makes us sad. we see it in her movements as she struggles with daily activities. 
  • and that is it. whew, we are so lucky and thankful for a wonderful year!
  • keith got a job at ECU at a clinical instructor for the physical therapy department. he works in one of their out patient clinics and also is active in teaching, mentoring, and research. so therefore, we moved back to greenville [which has always felt like home to us].
  • i started writing very semi-professionally. [this means yahoo! sometimes gives me money for the occasional articles i write. but hey, i am published!] 
  • i now work at a montessori school as a teacher assistant in a primary classroom and i have fallen in love. 
  • it was wonderful to return to dowdy-ficklen stadium for almost all of ECU's home games this fall. and we didn't mind the travel to a nearby foe [UNC] to watch a very decisive pirate victory. arrrghhhh!
  • we traveled [as usual] to some of our favorite places:  
  • i started and manage a small online community [blog, facebook, twitter] in order to share my life and story, as well as, to create awareness and educate others about epilepsy. i hope to expand on this greatly in 2014.

  • we finished the year with a 5k. probably the most fun 5k in the world. seriously. this has motivated me to run more races!
  • and there is no shortage of hockey in our lives [as if!].
  • 2013 ended with us already planning out and dreaming up our next big adventures for 2014 [trips, road races, business ventures, community involvement]. we are motivated for 2014!

2013 resolution review:
  • stay right. smashed. the foundation of everything i do is centered around "staying right". i almost drive keith crazy with this i am sure. i obsess over our food, our exercise, our sleep - basically anything that is good for us, i want to do it!
  • financial responsibility. this was a tough year because of our move and my not working for 5 months. but now that we are more stable, i think we can try this resolution again in 2014!!
  • start our own business. you would think when i wasn't working, it would have been the perfect time for this. however, starting a business costs money, which is something we just didn't really have to spare. so again, this resolution wasn't forgotten, it was just put on the back-burner....until now!
  • build on resolutions from 2012 [traveling, dreaming, and keep up with correspondence]. DONE. DONE. and kind of done. 2 out of 3 ain't bad? right? ;)
 2013 was a busy, crazy, and unique year for us. we loved it. it's made us stronger, healthier and happier individuals and a much stronger couple.

i am happy and thankful for 2014! it's a new year, time for new beginnings and clean slates. let's do this!


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