Semi-organic Life

so. the workout page, while it served it's function, i do not find it beneficial any longer. mostly, because i have not updated it in two months. never fear! a new page is here!

i have been toying with the idea of blogging about our lifestyle [organic/semi-organic eating, clean eating, exercise, gardening, etc]. however, i am not sure that i am quite committed to the cause to introduce an entire [new] blog about it. so, i'd like to give it all a test run here. i enjoy learning about new foods, growing food, exercise....etc. and i want to share that, but the main blog posts of WTR isn't the platform to share that information ALL THE TIME. so, that is why we are here. a page/tab. dedicated to our organic-ish life.

my thought [for now] is to put the blog on the main page of WTR and store the links to those blog posts under this tab. that way you can access all posts regarding health and wellness in one place. make sense? i hope so. i may have just confused myself.

we'll see how it goes.