Saturday, December 5, 2015

10 years ago...

10 years ago i was in the midst of planning my 25th birthday outing. i wanted to invite anyone i could to come drink up downtown raleigh. i even invited a special guy that lived in greensboro. he couldn't make it, but we made plans to hang out a few days later. we made plans to go to a hockey game, that at the time, was just a game. little did we know it was our last first date. little did we know it was the beginning of our love story. little did we know it was the beginning of our life together.

once that date began, i knew. i knew he was it. it was over for me. he was my prince. my partner. my dream come true. it's a weird feeling, knowing you're on a date with the person you are going to share your life with.

very weird.

i can't explain all the feelings. i just knew. and people say that all the time,"when you know, you know." there has always been something magical, safe, comforting, and loving about keith. he has always loved me, treated me, and looked at me the way he did on that first date.

our journey has had difficult moments. what relationship hasn't? but all of those are clouded by all the great moments, adventurous moments, and awesome moments. our life together has always been that - a partnership. a life shared, from day one.

i could never imagine a more perfect love.

i could never imagine more laughter. more ridiculousness. more adventures. more happiness. more peace. more dreams.

it has been [almost] ten years since that very first date. our first date was december 20, 2005. and we are going to celebrate the anniversary of our first date the only way we know how....
by going to a hockey game.


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