what does that mean? what is that about?

exactly what the name suggests. ridiculousness. crazy, fun, random things happen in my life. ALL THE TIME. and i love to tell the story.

there was this one time when i flung coffee everywhere getting onto the campus bus going to school (my mom's all-time favorite blog).
or when my entire family was out of our birthday dinners and everything that "never" goes wrong, did.
or when my new neighbor yelled at me about my dog pooping in the common area while commending me for picking it up, all at the same time.

i've also shared my fitness journeys, new year's resolutions and traveling adventures.

i am also definitely not afraid to discuss things that upset me, anger me or make me sad.
the passing of amendment one in north carolina.
senseless gun violence.
the death of a old high school friend.

you'll find it all here.

so, sit back and enjoy the ride. it's going to be ridiculous.


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