Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OBX recap

two weeks ago we spent a glorious vacation with our family on the outer banks. the weather could not have been better if it had tried. we did a family reunion type trip with my mom's side of the family. as we say with all of our family, we really never see them enough. it was wonderful to spend an entire week with them to actually get to know them as the awesome people they are, share in many laughs, memories, and bottles of champagne.

as you know [or should know by now] keith and i have quite the love affair with OBX. we were almost overwhelmed with the thought of spending an entire week there [are you kidding?!] we didn't know what do with all of that time.

some of the things we did were old favorites...

  • the good life [x3] [it's our favorite place to get breakfast.]
  • trio [beer, wine, and cheese shop. it's too good not to go.]
  • manteo/elizabethan gardens

  • poor richards [yummy sandwich shop/bar in manteo]
  • mini golf/pamlico jack's for painkillers afterward [we did this during our wedding week. we had to continue on with the tradition.]

some of the things we did were new adventures...
  • weeping radish [GO THERE NOW. the food is amazing. the beer was pretty good too. all made in house. it is definitely my kind of place.]
  • avalon fishing pier [scariest pier i've ever been on.]
  • tommy's natural market "sip and sample"/waterfront shopping [all of this was in duck. tommy's is a great little natural food market. however, the free "sip and sample" left us desiring more. there was plenty of food to sample, but the sipping portions were for that of a very small child, if that. oh well. you don't know unless you go. and now we know.]
  • duck donuts [OHMIGOSH. that is all i am going to say about that. and that they have FOUR locations on OBX!]
  • full moon brewery [it is located in manteo and was much better than we expected. we've tried the restaurant and didn't care for it much, but i kept seeing ads for the brewery, which is only 2 years old. so i was like, "let's just try it out." and we were glad we did. we will definitely be back.]

some of the things we did were in celebration...
  • ryan and stephen got married! so we had a small "surprise" reception for them when the returned from maryland on tuesday night. it was very sweet and lots of fun. it included our signature drink, the painkiller, food, cake, and you guessed it...champagne!

  • on friday it was my cousin, erin's, birthday. we had cookies, cake, and of course, champagne!
  • we toasted to and celebrated vacation and our family...A LOT.

now that we have been home for almost 2 weeks, i still really miss the beach. a lot. it gets harder and harder to leave OBX each time. our hearts are there. in due time, our lives will be there too.

til next time, OBX.....



lindsay said...

love the recap! you guys did/saw a lot more than i realized :) sean and i miss you all and look forward to our next reunion (which MUST be sooner than later)!


Kendra Vinson Sales said...

we miss you guys too! we are anxiously awaiting news/info about details for the next trip!! we can't wait to start planning!! :)