Sunday, September 22, 2013

sunday thoughts

just some of my thoughts on this sunday...

smartphones annoy me. don't get me wrong i love my iPhone with the rest of you, but what annoys me with smartphones is how they have amplified our need for instant gratification. during conversation with people we often struggle with remembering basic facts or making a decision (restaurants, purchases); or we feel compelled to share a video we watched five minutes earlier.
no problem, i have a smartphone. google can help me with all of those problems. and also while my smartphone is helping me remember who the 37th president was, it also has now stifled the conversation we were having about nixon. because i can't possibly look up information on my phone and pay attention to you anymore. basically the smartphone allows me to politely say "go fuck yourself" or "i'm done talking to you" without actually having to say anything. smartphones allow us to be rude. and most of the time without realizing it. we just stop talking to "google" something. or turn on an obnoxious video of a dancing cat that has now disrupted the entire coffee shop.
thank you smartphone.

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work is a part of life. work is a huge part of life. we must work to live. it is how we earn money. we must have money to survive. in my 15+ years of working, what i have yet to understand is why people continue to work in a job they hate/are no good at.
i understand there may be times in your life where money is more important than meaning or happiness at work. sometimes we have to work to live and that doesn't necessary include doing what we love. however, it can't be that way all the time. i could never imagine having a job that i hated. or even a job that i didn't like. if you are going to devote your time to something, shouldn't you enjoy doing it? and if you are going to devote your time to something 20-40 hours/week, shouldn't you utilize the skills/degrees/education/experiences/passions you have? if you are going to commit to allowing someone to pay you for your service, shouldn't you be good at it? and shouldn't it be something you enjoy doing?
because if you love going to work everyday, don't you think you'd enjoy it more and do a wayyyyy better job at it than if you HATED it?
could you imagine having a job where you are always searching for friday?
i would loathe that.
i am passionate about many things. and i want to spend my life doing them. i don't want to waste my time (or someone else's money) doing something i don't love.
what a waste of this life.


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