Tuesday, September 10, 2013


this day is forever a piece of america's history. we have grown. we have struggled. we have stumbled. we are better. we are worse. we are united. we are divided.
9/11 is such an important day for all that happened in 2001, but for all that has happened since. many great and amazing things have been created all out of terror and horror. and this is heartbreaking.

we often get lost in 9/11 for it's horrific past to remember that it is an important day to others for different reasons. birthdays. anniversaries. deaths. achievements.

on september 11th 2000, a life was lost all too soon. a life that i never got to know, but somehow, i feel that i do. a precious life that was lost due to someone else being careless.

september 11th. this day will forever be a tough day, no matter what it memorializes. i encourage you to find the joys, the successes, the achievements in america, in your community, and in your life to celebrate on september 11th. through celebration we can truly begin to heal and to have hope for the future.
[9/11 day of service is a great way to give back to your community while celebrating the great things going on around you.]

unfortunately, terrible events are a part of life. all we can do is learn from them to make us stronger and better. by learning from our past can we only learn how not to repeat it. doing so requires courage to grow and prosper.

me at the 9/11 memorial gazing in one of the reflecting pools.

TC, we miss you everyday. thank you for watching over us and keeping us safe. we will see you soon, but not soon enough.

lots of love and hugs to you all.


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