Monday, September 2, 2013


keith and i had a bit of a whirlwind weekend. well, really, whirlwind day and a half.

my oldest friend, carly, was on the outer banks with her family and friends. a couple of weeks ago she asked me if we wanted to come out to visit them during their trip. umm. a visit to OBX and i get to see an old friend?! we quickly responded, "hell yes." we ended up going out friday night and staying until saturday. we left greenville on friday afternoon earlier than we expected, so we thought we'd stop at our most favorite place, outer banks brewing station [OBBS], for a beer and some grub. this worked out kind of perfectly as carly and co. were busy getting ready [showers, etc] to head out for dinner themselves. after our separate meals, we met them back at the house they had been staying at in corolla. it was wonderful to spend the night catching up with carly [and sean], meeting and hanging out with their friends, and just relaxing at the beach.

Us at OBBS. yummm.
we slept in on saturday before heading out to the beach around lunchtime. it was a warm and sunny day. the water was chilly, but felt great on a warm day. there was a slight breeze. it was restorative to the soul.

unfortunately we could not stay all day, as we had to get back to greenville. [we had tickets to ECU's first football game of the season.] on our way off the island, we made two quick stops at a couple of other favorite spots, the good life and trio. we crammed in as much as we could in 20 hours at the OBX. even though we will be back in 2 weeks [fucking yay!]. we got back to greenville kind of late due to our stops, but we did make it to the football game! ECU played old dominion in a night game and won our home opener. it was an offensive battle and a very good game to watch. our seats were amazing and there is something spectacular about a night game. the atmosphere is electric.
go pirates!!! ARRRGGH.

come sunday, we were exhausted. we slept wayyyy in. i had a migraine [ugh]. so, i guess that was my body's way of letting me know she was very tired. i listened and rested all yesterday. why not?

having an extra day off was welcomed and much needed. we took care of business around the house and for work. and now, this long weekend has come to an end. rest and relaxation never seem long enough.

i hope you all had a wonderful last weekend of summer! i hope you enjoyed time with your family and friends.


p.s. bring on fall! i am so ready for cooler temps, pumpkin beer, and hockey.

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