Sunday, August 25, 2013


my sweet husband and i exercise. a lot. we hold each other accountable and talk about our workouts, struggles and successes. tonight he had this really great idea. he suggested that it would be even more motivating to share our daily exercise regime through social media outlets. this would allow for friends and family chime in with their workouts, suggestions, ideas, questions, successes and struggles too. it could create an online forum for exercise motivation.

i think it is a wonderful idea. so, i thought i would take to my blog to open up this thread. i will add an exercise tab to my blog [that you can access here] that will simply be an on-going list of my daily workouts. within that tab you will have the opportunity to leave comments about my workouts and talk about your own workouts. each day that i add to it, i will share the link so that you know it is updated.

hopefully this will be helpful, not only for our continued success, but yours too!

now lets get our workout on.


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