Thursday, August 15, 2013


no, i am not pregnant.

but, i do have some very exciting news! keith and i moved to greenville in april because he got an amazing job at ECU. so that meant i had to leave my job in raleigh [sad]. in the mean time, i have been searching high and low for a job. the job market in greenville is much different than raleigh. raleigh you blessed with not only the city itself, but all of its great suburbs as potential places to work. greenville isn't exactly a metropolis. and whereas, there is the opportunity to work in other neighboring cities, i am not sure they are the market for me, to put it nicely. so yes, there are jobs, just less of them. plus, i am very particular and i don't just want to work anywhere so that i can have a job. i don't want to go to work and be miserable everyday. so living in a small town makes it that much harder for a picky lady to find a good job.


most of my professional experience is working with children. ironically, my education is not. however, whenever i think about having a job, working with children is what i want to be doing. why i never became a teacher, i'll never know [but it's probably a good thing i'm not a teacher in NC right now]. however, i have always enjoyed the freedoms of the jobs i have had when i worked with kids: recreation, after school programs, summer camps, and preschool. i still had the opportunity to teach children and be a positive role model, while allowing for flexibility and creativity in the programs.
thus some of my job search entailed me looking for jobs through parks and recreation and at preschools. i had an interview at a montessori school yesterday and was hired ON THE SPOT. i am so excited. it is a teacher assistant position in one of their primary classrooms [ages 3-5]. the school ranges from ages 3-12 years. the classrooms are broken up into primary [3-5], lower elementary [6-9] and upper elementary [9-12]. i was excited before the interview and once i got to the school, heard even more about montessori, the school, and the teachers, i am now ecstatic. it seems like a wonderful place to work. i start on tuesday. i really can't wait [insert very happy face]. 

i was getting frustrated with not having a job, for many reasons.
*it made me feel inadequate and unqualified.
*it made me stress about money. sure we have enough, but we just have less wiggle room.
*i get bored and restless.

i also knew that finding a job would work out when it was supposed to. i have sent out countless resumes and job applications. i have gone on a half dozen interviews. all of which i was excited about in some fashion, but also had reservations about. clearly, none of those interviews manifested into jobs. i now have a job that i am excited about, doing something i am passionate about. sure, i will not utilize my education to its fullest, but there are plenty of people out there who don't use the degrees they have. it is just another tool in my toolbox.

so, i return to the working world next week. FINALLY. you never realize just how fundamental working is until you are unable to do it.

UPDATE [tuesday, august 20th]: today was my first day! it was so exciting. this week is only teacher workdays, but i am thankful for that because i have so very much to learn! i am overwhelmed at how new and different montessori is, but i am encouraged and motivated to learn a new teaching philosophy. i will definitely give you all an update after a few weeks of school to let you know how things are going!


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