Monday, August 12, 2013

friendly weekend

this past weekend we had a few of our favorite friends come to visit [flo, sarah, and matt]. we were so excited that they came to little ole greenville to hang out! as usual, our activities centered around eating and drinking.
flo and sarah got here friday afternoon, so we headed out to one of me and keith's favorite places, cpw's, for a drink and some appetizers. our favorite thing about this place is that they have a rotating monthly menu. unfortunate for us, this month is seafood based [we are not big seafood eaters]. but typically we love it!
afterward we headed to duck rabbit brewery [with flo, sarah, matt, and NJ]. this brewery is located about 20 minutes west of greenville in farmville, nc. a very small town. we like their beers and had never been to the brewery, so we thought we'd check it out. well, we were in for a treat.
picture from DRB facebook page
that is the brewery. it is a small warehouse, with the tasting room attached to the front [which is what you see in the picture]. the tasting room does allow you to sample all the beers as little or as much as you'd like free of charge. you can also order pints [$4/ea], but they only take cash/check [what?!] and there is no atm close by. we were in small town america, y'all. and we even got a tour of the brewery by one of the drunk staff members. i am glad we checked it out. but i am not sure when/if we'll be back.

on saturday we headed to another small eastern NC town, kinston. we went to check out mother earth brewing. keith and flo had gone there a couple of weeks ago, so we knew it was worth another visit. it is such a cool place.
from MEB website
 they are platinum LEED certified [i think]. they reuse, recycle, and re-purpose everything. it is amazing. the tap room and brewery are beautiful. in addition to the tap room, there is also a beer garden. we took a tour of the brewery, which was very educational about the beer making process and the history of mother earth. i enjoyed it a lot, which is huge because i typically get bored on brew tours [because they all are so similar. it's like once you've been on one, you've been on them all].
from MEB website: beer garden

we will definitely be back. perhaps on the 24th when they release their peach beer [yum!].

after having some midday beers, we were hungry! there are a few new local restaurants in kinston, with one of them being the boiler room [same owners as chef and the farmer]. it is a brand new restaurant that is a burger, beer, and oyster bar. it was fantastic! we all shared the southern poutine appetizer. traditional, canadian poutine is fries, cheese curds and gravy [the best thing you're not eating]. so, the southern poutine was fries, mozz curds, brazed pork belly and gravy. holy shit, it was amazing. we all got different variety of burgers. all delicious. sarah was the only to get oysters. she got fried oysters and they were so good.
from chef and farmer FB page
this place hasn't even been open a week. i can only imagine it getting better. if we are ever back in kinston, this will definitely be a place we'll eat at!

we ended the weekend by hanging out at our place. our sunday was very lazy. but hey, sometimes sundays just need to be lazy.
it was wonderful to catch up with and hang out with old friends. we always seem to pick up where ever we left off. that is the great thing about friends. see [most of] you guys next weekend!!

and i hope the rest of you had as great of a weekend as we did! :)


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