Thursday, July 25, 2013

sweet treat

i have never blogged about food in any detailed capacity. but this is definitely worth sharing. due to my becoming a health nut [exercise and food], i constantly obsess over what is in our food. my first rule: i don't want to eat anything that has ingredients that i can't pronounce. i think that is a pretty simple rule to start with. i also consider where the ingredients came from [organic vs. nonorganic], the number of ingredients [less is more], and i avoid processed foods as much as possible.

so, to my last point, because i now have a healthy avoidance of anything mass-produced, i am constantly looking for ways to make foods we like at home. our current favorites are my ooey gooey protein balls [in leiu of store bought granola bars] and home-made tortillas [they are SO easy!]

my latest creation [no-churn raspberry-peach sorbet] was inspired from a recipe i saw in real simple magazine [july issue]. i modified it only slightly, but MAN, it was yummy! and it is a perfect cool-down treat for these hot summer days!

stop drooling.

no-churn raspberry-peach sorbet

2 10 oz. bags frozen raspberries [i used strawberries]
1 cup frozen sliced peaches
1/2 cup sugar [i used honey]
pinch fine sea salt or table salt

1. place all ingredients into food processor [i used our awesome ninja blender and it worked just fine], pulse until coarsely chopped. continue to process until smooth. scrap sides of food processor as necessary.
2. transfer sorbet to an airtight container and freeze until firm [at least 1 hour and up to 4 days]

you can use fresh fruit, but just make sure you freeze it beforehand. the fruit being frozen during the making process is key.


it is just that easy. and it so, so, so delicious!

you're welcome.


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