Thursday, July 25, 2013

more poop.

as i was walking the dogs last night, a not-so-friendly neighbor decided to engage in a not-so-friendly conversation with me. perhaps you remember a previous blog regarding dog poop. it was the same old man wanting to give me his opinion on, ask he likes to say, dog shit.

let me give you the run down. layla had just pooped. i had just picked it up, as i always do. and we were on our way. i faintly hear someone talking behind me. i turn around and see this man. i think "oh crap. here we go again." he goes onto to tell me that we both have big dogs [thanks for stating the obvious] and he doesn't let his dog shit in other people's yards and doesn't want to have to walk through shit to walk his dog. i kindly showed him the bag of poop i was holding and informed him that i picked up my dog's poop. he seemed shocked, said, "oh. well, thank you." and that was the end of it. it was as if he thought he had caught me leaving poop and when i shoved it in his face, he didn't have anything else to say.

i should give this guy a few suggestions for dealing with his issues with dog shit.

1. if you don't want to walk through dog shit, don't step in it.
2. we live in a townhome community, so technically the yard my dog pooped in was mine.
3. if you want people to actually listen to your message, try not to be a dick.
4. if sharing space with your neighbors and their dogs is too much for you, move out.
5. above all, dog shit is a part of having a dog. so be a responsible owner, pick up your shit and stop crying about it.

i am so frustrated with this person. who does he think he is? this is the second time he has attempted to berate me about my dogs. i clean up after them. every time. i can't speak to the rest of the community because there is a lot of poop laying around, but that isn't my fault. and by being an asshole [to me and possibly others] will not motivate anyone to start [or continue] picking up after their dogs. today when my dogs pooped, i wanted to pick it up and take it to his door step.

i want to handle this situation so that this person doesn't continue to treat me and my neighbors poorly. how would you handle this? what would you do next?

oh poop.


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