Monday, April 15, 2013

pick up your poop.

in case you didn't get it from the title, this blog is all about poop. you have been warned.

so, i was walking our dogs, in our new neighborhood on saturday. we live in a condo community. so all of the natural areas are considered shared/common areas. it's designated for everyone, humans and pets. the landscaping is well maintained and there is even a sign that says "notice: pick up after your pet. $100 fine." what? $100 fine? how could they enforce that? regardless, i am fine with that because we always pick up after our dogs. plus, i don't want to step in any poop.

back to the walk. we were walking and layla has to poop. we were in one of the common, grassy areas. as she was pooping, i took the bag off the leash to pick it up. then this man pops out of his condo. i thought he was going to make some dumb comment about how big my dogs are. (I mean, no kidding they are big). he does make a comment about them and them being pretty and how he probably loves his dogs as much as i love mine. then he says he doesn't want to have to walk through shit to take his dog outside. i was thinking "what the fuck? i have a damn bag on my hand. what is the point of this lecture, old guy?" he goes on and on about how i should take my dogs over to the wooded area to let them go to the bathroom.
when he finally stopped running his mouth. i said to him that i had a BAG ON MY HAND, and i proceeded to show it to him. i also informed him that i was going to pick up the poop and that i didn't like walking through it either.
he let me know that he admired me for picking up after my dog, but still encouraged me to take them to the woods to take care of their business.

the more i thought about this conversation, the more frustrated i got, for many reasons.
this man doesn't want to walk through shit to walk his dog. i totally get that. however, i am not certain why i was getting reamed about that issue, since i was about to pick up the shit once my dog was done shitting. i always pick up the shit. now, if i was a person who always left the shit, and he came to notice this, then fine...give me a 5 minute lecture about it. it would make more sense. however, i am walking my dogs, minding my business and doing the right thing and this guys still thinks he has the right to fuss at me. what the hell?

also, he must have said 10 times for me to take my dogs to the wooded area to poop. the more he said that the more i thought, "you sir, are lazy." you are giving me a hard time for walking my dog and then letting my dog poop where they are allowed to and supposed to; and then picking it up. however, you are not walking your dog, you simply take your dog to the backside of your building to poop so you don't have to pick up the poop. i will walk my dog where ever i want to. because i know that with having a dog, comes having to exercise them and cleaning up after them. it's called being a responsible dog owner.

this guy lecturing me was at least in his 60s, if not older. his lecture came across as "oh, here is this young person...let me go ahead and tell them what to do." i really do not care that you are older, younger, shorter, taller than me. it gives you no right to be condescending and rude. you are no better than me.

so, my solution to the problem? pick up their poop and leave it on his door step. this way he knows i cleaned up after my dogs. and he won't have to walk through shit. (just kidding. i would never do that. i would like to do that because this guy deserves it).

all i know is, that i am not going to change my dog walking habits because this guy is lazy and rude. we'll see what he thinks about that...


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