Monday, May 6, 2013

welcome home

this blog is a long time coming.

sorry for the delay.

as you know, keith and i have moved back to greenville. some think we are crazy. a party-happy college town known for it's unsettling amount of crime and lack of things to do. however, greenville has this feel of "home" to us. when we returned, it felt like we never left. we kind of feel like we are picking up where we left off. our previous living adventure here was pretty monumental for us. i completed two degrees. keith became a doctor. we adopted 2 pets. we got engaged and married! greenville is really kind of a big deal to us.
with all that said, i feel like i should be studying or heading off to class. seriously. i really want to sign up for summer school. is that ridiculous?
plus, an added bonus, greenville has really grown up since we've been gone, which was almost 2 years, by the way. there are lots of new restaurants all over town, they are working very hard to restore and revamp downtown, there is signage all over town to guide you through the metropolis that is greenville. the crime seems to be slightly more under control. but, we are in eastern north carolina, crazy lives here. so when we moved back, finding a safe neighborhood was extremely important.
there are things to do around here, you just have to look for it. with it being a small town, usually everyone is going to the same events, like baseball games or the arts festival downtown or getting excited about graduation! and because we live in a small town, we don't get swallowed in a million things, events, places, people to see, do and visit. we have the time and motivation to see it all. for example, keith and i went to the driving range 2 weekends ago. we've never done that in raleigh. raleigh had numerous driving ranges available to us all the time. we never went. greenville has one. well, one public driving range. we've already been and will probably go back. also, we want to go strawberry picking. again, something else raleigh had to offer us. it was activity we never discussed doing.

perhaps your location also changes your mentality of life and activity. i feel like here, in greenville, it is easier to see things. it's easier to know what is around us, the good and the bad. there is less noise and distraction. we can get involved in strawberry picking or hear about heroin use in a wal-mart parking lot. it's easier for us to see our surroundings. we're almost forced to. you see it and hear about it, whether you want to or not. it's pretty much how small towns work. what else are we going to talk about? whether that is good or bad, it's for you to decide.

the moral of the blog? we are happy here. greenville fits us. ecu fits us. and you are welcome to visit anytime you want. because the only thing missing in greenville are all the family and friends we left behind.


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