Sunday, May 12, 2013

happy mother's day!

i have spent most of today thinking about my mom. how could i not? it's mother's day. and if i just so happen to forget, facebook was happy to remind me. plus, i am not spending today with her. it's one of those things where i want to spend mother's day with my mom because she really is a special lady. so, by not being there, it makes me kinda sad. i've learned a lot from my mom, as i am sure we all have. moms are amazing that way.

it's also one of those days that make us reflective. we think about all we've been through, learned from, and gained from our mothers. i don't know about any of your moms, but whoa! my mom, we've been through it all. she's taught me more than i could ever write here. and i am a better woman because of her.

mother/daughter relationships are unique. they are tricky. they are heart-wrenching. mostly because mothers and daughters are so damn similar that it's a hard fact of life to wrap your head around sometimes. my mom and i are very different, but we are also so much alike.

we both are stubborn.
we both are persistant.
we both are sensitive.
we both are organized and have a clean house. (it's because of her i can't leave dishes in the sink ;))
we both are motivated by our success.
we both love and care for our family very much.

as i sit here and think about my mom, i think about how great she is and all we have been through in my lifetime. i am eternally grateful for a person who loves me as much as she does to stand by me, every day of my life, no matter what. we have amazing days, we have bad days, but at the end of the day, she will always be my mom. and i am so lucky to have her.

happy mother's day to my mom and every mom!


and for your viewing pleasure, a mother's day message from kid president. WATCH IT. it's funny and also very sweet. because moms, you are awesome!!

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