Tuesday, March 12, 2013

once a pirate.....

ECU called….and we answered.
Keith received an amazing job opportunity with the ECU physical therapy department to work at one of their outpatient clinics. So, naturally, he said “hell yes”. And thus, we are moving. IN THREE WEEKS.
And the best part of it? We found out yesterday that the rental home that we had locked up, mmmm almost a month ago, just fell through. Fucking super.
So now we have a bit of a living arrangement emergency. We can’t stay in Raleigh and bunk up with family or friends, because we are moving to Greenville for a fucking reason.  A JOB. Which starts on april 8th. So, like, we have to be there. Well, keith does. I don’t have any work relate responsibilities anymore. So I could bunk up with family and friends and hell, he could just live in his car, right?
But seriously, we now have 3 WEEKS to find a place to live and to move. I could easily flip the fuck out about this. But for some reason, I have remained calm. I guess because flipping out would be useless. Flipping out would not help me find a house any faster. So, I am keeping calm and moving on.
Our first rental home fell through for a reason. There was a reason we weren’t supposed to live there. Where ever we end up, will be a better fit…I just know it.
We are really excited about this move and this opportunity for keith. We loved everything about ECU and our time in Greenville during graduate school. Plus Greenville has really grown up over the past 2 years. So, really, we are excited!
I’m just bummed that we are now having to deal with this huge speed bump. But once we get to Greenville, I’ll share another blog of me just reveling our excitement…I just know it!

Wish us luck and I’ll keep you posted….


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