Saturday, January 19, 2013

resolutions 2013

it only took me halfway through january to do it, but i'm here. here to share my resolutions for the year. i really wanted to think about what i want to accomplish this year before committing to and sharing with you all. my resolutions are important to me. it's not like i get to february and say, "oh fuck it, not eating mcdonalds was just TOO HARD." nope. i really try to stay committed to my goals. so, without further ado, i present to you...resolutions 2013, in no particular order.

1. stay right. last year we wanted to "get right". and as i shared, we are much "righter" at the start of 2013 than we were at the start of 2012. so, my goal is to continue to stay right. in order to do that i must continue to exercise and eat well. both of which i enjoy. i am in the process of revamping my exercise routine. whereas i love insanity, i think we have loved it so much that we just can't see each other on a daily basis. i need to introduce some other workout friends back into my life. like running, biking and crossfit endurance. i really enjoyed crossfit endurance! so, i think if i can create an exercise plan that is challenging and fun, i will definitely stick with it. plus, we are looking at various races to sign up for in the spring. our goal is to do at least one race a month.
and eating well is really easy for me. i prefer it over processed foods any day. just ask my family. i complain about the "junk" and "garbage" that is in all the food they eat. just this morning i made my own jam from scratch. it was so easy! i told keith that as i learn to make more of my own foods from scratch, it makes me want to buy stuff from the grocery store less. eating well is easy-peasy.

2. financial responsibility. we already are financially responsible in the sense that we pay our bills on time and save money when we can. basically, we live within our means. however, we want to start saving and planning for our future. we want to get out of student loan debt, buy a house and plan our retirement. basically we want to be financially comfortable for whatever life may throw at us. we know in order to do this, we are probably going to have to change the way we live, and initially that may sting a bit. but eventually we won't even notice, except where it our portfolio. gosh, i sound like such a grownup.

3. start our own business. even if it's just the smallest littlest business that creates extra income for us. we talk all the time about SO many different business ideas. and many do not require a great deal of front-end costs. so it's like...let's give it a try. what do we have to lose? if we do it right, we only have the potential for growth.

4. keep building on my resolutions of 2012.
traveling is in our blood. we don't go many days without day dreaming about our next adventure. so, we'll keep traveling, even if it's only in the great state of NC.
dreaming is something else we love to do. we constantly shoot for the stars in this house. and by doing that it opens doors and opportunities and we've never imagined. we'll never stop dreaming big. and you shouldn't either. it's what keeps us going.
and last, but never least, staying in touch with my family and friends. some days are better than others. but i make a conscious effort to call/text/write as much as i can. because family and friends are what makes this life so sweet! :)

so...there you have it. again, i've made some big resolutions for this year. but they excite me and i look forward to making these resolutions a reality. i'll try to keep you posted. and if nothing else, you'll find out how my year went in december!
what are your resolutions for this year?!


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