Sunday, December 22, 2013

running of the balls

many years ago keith and i lived in greensboro. in fact, our first apartment together was in greensboro. we didn't live there together for very long, but we definitely loved it there. there was this one neighborhood [sunset hills] that we were infatuated with. the homes are beautiful. it is peaceful. there is a playground and tennis court in the middle of the neighborhood as a community gathering space. it is situated on rolling hills. it is the neighborhood all other neighborhoods envy to be like. the best part about this neighborhood is the way they decorate for christmas. they string up lighted balls in the 50' trees, hanging a cross the streets, in windows, on light posts...anywhere they can hang them. it is quite a sight to see. it is breath taking.
the few christmases that we spent in greensboro, we'd drive through sunset hills and drool over the lights display. we'd talk about it to our family and friends and encourage them to come out to greensboro to see it for themselves. because nothing like this exists anywhere else. seriously. it is the largest neighborhood light display in the united states.
by some random chance, i saw a page on facebook that another friend "liked". it was called "the running of the balls". the profile picture looked something like this:


i thought," no way! no way is this what i think it is. could it be? could it be a road race in that neighborhood we love?!"
i immediately went to the facebook page and it WAS! i was so excited i could hardly contain myself. keith and i wanted to register pronto. so we did. well, as soon as they would let us. and we planned a birthday get-a-way weekend in greensboro [since the race just happened to fall between our birthdays]. we booked a room at our favorite hotel [the proximity]. and anxiously awaited our trip.
we arrived in greesnboro on the day of the race [december 14] around lunch time. so, we got some food at an old favorite place [natty greene's]. we had some pre-race food and drinks before heading over to the hotel to check-in. once we arrived to our room, there were a few sweet surprises waiting for me when we got there. my sweet husband had homemade truffles and flowers sent to the room for a very romantic and thoughtful birthday surprise!

this was a nighttime run. so that all runners could enjoy the beautiful lights displays throughout the neighborhood. so, we didn't run until 6pm. which ended up being a wonderful blessing because it raining pretty much all day saturday. so a run at any other time of day would have been cold, wet, and miserable. but as luck would have it it stopped raining around 4:30pm and the weather was just a perfect cold, december night for this beautiful run. the lights were amazing. the neighbors were on their porches with hot cocoa. they had fire pits and sung carols. there was live music throughout the course. cookies and hot cocoa were our sweet reward at the finish. it was the most fun run i have ever done. we would definitely do it again. it was a 2 1/2 lap course so next time i think i would walk the first lap [fighting every urge in my body to haul off running]. by walking the first lap you really can take in all the sights, sounds, and can take pictures! then the last 1.5 laps we can haul ass!


after the race, we got cleaned up and went to dinner at another favorite place [print works]. it is the restaurant in the hotel. it is SO GOOD. it is so good that we had brunch there the next morning. i had great plans for our sunday [touring a historic mansion and outdoor ice skating], but nothing seemed to work out. we did walk around UNCG's campus, which is one of the most beautiful campuses i have ever been on [and i have been to a lot]. and before we left town, we made one final stop at an old stomping ground [old town]. 

we couldn't have asked for a more wonderful weekend. we had a great time in a town we love, doing lots of things we love. until next time greesnboro....


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