Wednesday, December 11, 2013


december 12th is a very special day.

it is my sweetie's birthday.

when keith and i started dating, we quickly realized that our birthdays are only 3 days apart [mine is the 15th]. this is one of the many ways that we know we are meant for each other.
every year we get to celebrate OUR birthdays together. because they are only 3 days apart. so, really we have no other choice. our birthdays are very special to us, yet never really a big deal.

this year, i would like to share this blog with you about the amazing man i am lucky enough to spend my days with. december 12th is his special day. and i am so grateful that i get to share it with him.

keith is kind. compassionate. caring. loud. silly. selfless. motivated. successful. loving. committed. wonderful. comforting. protector. guardian. the love of my life.

keith and i have been together for eight years. and from our first date i knew he was the guy i was going to marry. how many people get to experience that kind of love?

we have been on wild and crazy adventures [our hockeymoon. a trip to the DR. graduate school. countless trips to OBX. and we've moved so many times i have lost count on purpose]. our life together is an adventure. we thrive on finding our next adventure, no matter how big or how small. we love living out our adventures together.

we are beyond ridiculous and silly together. if you have spend any amount of time with us, you know this. we laugh at things that aren't worth laughing at. we find humor in the small stuff. we make absurd jokes. basically, we just have fun. it definitely makes life better. and our life together is worlds better when we are laughing together [this also usually means i am crying and my abs hurt].

we have been on many roller-coasters together. life isn't always wonderful and smiles. life gets tough sometimes. jobs change. medical conditions can be a bitch. money is never enough. but at the end of the day, we are together 100%. we are in this journey together, no matter what the weather. 

our love is serious. seriously. we seriously love each other. we are committed to each other. to our dreams. to our successes. to our health. to our tribulations. to our feelings. to our good times. to our bad times. our love is the real deal.

there is no other person i would want to share this life with. i am so lucky to be your wife, your partner, and your companion. to walk through this life, by your side, hand-in-hand. [ok, but let's be serious, we are probably running through this life, not walking. perhaps we should try to slow down?]

i cannot tell you how grateful and thankful i am for you. for your unconditional love. you brighten my days and make every day a better one.

happy birthday my sweet love. i am so excited to share your day with you!! 

love you,

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