Wednesday, November 6, 2013

i forgot my phone

a facebook friend of mine shared this video today:

[i forgot my phone]

it made me sad. for many reasons. our world is so connected to our phones, computers, tablets - technology. i think it is wonderful that we are so technologically advanced. i think that having the world at our fingertips 24/7 is amazing and a true blessing. we are able to seek and find any information in the blink of an eye. that is pretty mind blowing, if you actually stop to think about it.

but, by having all of this information [news, history, social media, email, texts] available to us nonstop, we have become almost incapable of putting it away. how many of you are like the guy in the video and are on your phone in bed [raises hand slowly....]? how many of you record "precious" moments like birthdays or hikes? how many of you take pictures of needless things [like your dinner or your pets doing stupid shit]?

i am not saying that doing these things are horrible. but we must do everything in moderation. am i right? maybe we don't need 300 pictures of fluffy in the same damn box on instagram. we got it, we know he likes to climb in boxes. ENOUGH ALREADY.
and maybe we don't need to record every "special moment". sally already said her first word and says many words. i am sure it is very cute, but must you keep recording ALL THE WORDS??
and maybe you would sleep better if you didn't read CNN in bed. reading about murders, robberies, and our government is no way to relax your mind for a restful night's sleep.

and by seeking so much information from our phones, we are living our lives through our phone. watching a birthday party, while video taping with your phone - is no way of living. you just missing the entire party. you interacted with no one. because you spent the whole night looking through your phone. but it sure looked like everyone else had a good time.

there are many times i will go out without my phone or go the entire day without looking at it. my family even gets annoyed with me for "never answering my phone." and you know what? i am ok with that. i am glad that my phone is not always attached to my hip. on the flip side of that, there are definitely times i know i am wayyy too "tuned in". and i know i am online so much that it makes my head hurt. 

you know how some kids have time limits for technology? i think adults should too. we lack [or have lost] basic social skills because of smartphones. we don't even know how to enjoy a dinner date without checking our phones anymore. so, here are some of my recommendations for all adults when it comes to technology moderation.
  • NO technology at dinner. i don't care if the phone rings. you can call them back in 20 minutes. if it is an emergency, it will still be an emergency in 20 minutes. by having a full stomach, you will be better prepared to handle a crisis.
  • NO technology in bed. the only exception to this rule can be to use a tablet to read. and by read, i mean read a book or magazine [not the news or social media].
  • if you are struggling to remember basic information [e.g., the quarterback of the new orleans saints], take 5 minutes to think about it. and by think, i mean use your brain, not your smartphone.
  • if you are out to lunch/dinner with friends/family, do not use your phone. it is rude. if you must take a picture to capture the moment, wait until after the meal.
  • allot at least 1 hour/night where you are "turned off": no computer, no phone, no tv. find something else to do! spend time with your family, find a hobby, workout, walk your pets. do something!
i think this is a concise, yet practical list of ways we all can improve our technology use habits. let's give it a try! i bet we'll be happier and truly more connected with our world. and by world, i mean those people who matter most in our lives.



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