Thursday, June 9, 2016


i am going to try not to gush about this too much.

for those who follow me on facebook and instagram, you already know the most amazing news. i have launched my own business. i have partnered with rodan+fields as an independent consultant. this company was started by the doctors who created proactiv. if you haven't used proactiv, someone you know has. and at the very least, you've heard of proactiv. proactiv makes up 90% of the global acne market. to say these doctors know what they are doing would be a huge understatement.

rodan+fields is their legacy company: it is a company which bares their names. they expect it to outlive them. and they love that they are now empowering entrepreneurs like themselves to create lucrative businesses around their brand.

i am a teacher. we all know that a career in education doesn't lead to millions. or even a comfortable lifestyle or easy retirement planning. sometimes making ends meet is challenging. 

R+F is constantly growing. it is featured in magazines and news articles every month. i saw friends growing and becoming successful with this business. i watched. for months. before i started asking questions. it was many months after that before i jumped in. taking a leap of faith is scary. but here are some reasons why i took that leap.

R+F is also the #1 premium acne brand in the US, #1 premium anti-aging brand in the US, and the #2 premium skincare brand in the US in 2015.

i know this brand is successful. i figured - what do i have to lose? NOTHING.

as a teacher, i have summers off. so, my intent is to use this time to work my hardest to build my business. to see what i can do. this is me investing in myself. creating another financial avenue for my family. adding to my family's financial future. 

this company excites me. it allows me to learn every day. learn about myself. learn about skincare. learn about growing a business and cultivating relationships. i am learning something new every day. i absolutely love that about this job. 

another thing i love about R+F, it has given me time freedom. y'all, i can do this job whenever, where ever. it is a 100% mobile and virtual company. everything i need to work and be successful fits in the palm of my hand. how many other business models are designed that way? 

if you'd like to learn more about our products or the business opportunity R+F has to offer you, i will leave all of my contact information below. i will also add a tab to the top of the blog [so that you can access it anytime].

for those of you who have supported my business financially, emotionally, though well wishes and positive thoughts, i truly couldn't do it without you. i have learned, in my short time with R+F, it truly takes a team to be successful. that team doesn't necessarily provide financial support [even though that is appreciated], but so much goes into running a business that every bit of support is what makes it successful. truly. 
so, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


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