Friday, July 8, 2016

DALLAS: what is america coming to?


the past couple of days in america have been gut-wrenching. last night in dallas threw me over the edge. because unfortuately, with the amount of violence that is so prevalent in america, you become desensitized to it.

hearing about another attack on civilians, in a night club, at a traffic stop, in a movie seems normal and expected.
i am not saying those things are right. it is just normal america. we are attacking each other. for some reason or another.

but last night, the cops, the very men who are there to protect us, were killed. BY SNIPERS. as protests were ending, SNIPERS took out police. five. five men died who were their to protect others lives. it is the deadliest police attack since 9/11.


america really needs to get out of it's own head for a few minutes. we are slowly killing this country. literally. are guns and racism really what's best for america?

all the lives lost due to violence is unnecessary. working against each is viciously isn't going to solve the problems we have. if this keeps happening, and it will, america will be at war with itself.

the social injustice, lack of meaningful progress and change, and brutality are our reality and our norms. if we are to survive, it's got to stop. we've got to make some changes.

i am not saying that gun reform is the only answer. it's part of the solution. but our issues and problems are rooted so much deeper than that. we need some heavy social reform too. tolerance. acceptance. LOVE.

LOVE > hate

hug your loved ones tight today. enjoy your day. let's make progress tomorrow.


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