Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pearl Jam: another canceled show

this pearl jam concert has got me thinking.

if you are not aware pearl jam canceled their raleigh show. if you are surprised, well, you shouldn't be. especially if you are a fan of pearl jam. as a fan you might know a little about about eddie vedder and pearl jam's stance on social issues, human rights, or any of their philanthropic involvement and charitable causes. they are deeply rooted in community, activism, arts and education, and social change. a simple google search will provide you this information [it's even on their website]. they are involved in not only their own foundation [vitalogy], but over a dozen others.

however, many fans are upset. i can understand at a superficial level being upset that my favorite band canceled. sure. i won't get to see them this year. bummer. but this happens all the time. for much seemingly more stupid reasons. a sore throat. illness. transportation issues. come on, like any of those aren't completely manageable!?!? yet, we as fans, and humans, whereas upset, are understanding.

yet when a band cancels a show on their morals, ethics, and the foundations of their band...ALL HELL AS BROKEN LOOSE. a true fan understands and appreciates why pearl jam [and any other band] canceled. it is a solid "fuck you" to north carolina. it is the strongest message a band can send to the state. the message is heard not only throughout north carolina, but throughout the country, and maybe the world.

some people said they should play and donate their money to grassroots efforts, lobbyists, and LBGT groups. a wonderful idea. and i support any band or organization that does this. this money can then be used to fight HB2.
however, when a band does this NC is still earning revenue on their show. people still traveled, stayed in hotels, ate at restaurants, and went out to bars and breweries. NO MONEY WAS LOST.

our government and governor has said they have no interest in repealing HB2. if this state keeps losing revenue and business, then they might reconsider. as i have said, i hate all of this for our state. i really do. we have been set back 50-100 years. our reputation is shit. the only way our government will work to fix things is through solid numbers and action. they have to see that businesses, organizations, concerts, festivals...NO ONE wants to come and invest their money here. they have to see the numbers. they have to see their state losing money.

at the end of the day, i think it is up to the band [or whoever] to make the decision that works best for them. either decision truly only helps us out. if they cancel, even though it may suck, it makes noise. and if they play a charity concert, that can help to get this law repealed.
i also think, as citizens of this state, we need to be prepared for more canceled events [weezer, please still come!] to continue to happen. we can't be angry with pearl jam for making a decision that aligned with their beliefs and principles. after, that is how we each live out our lives too. the people we can be angry at are the ones who made pearl jam feel forced to make that decision in the first place - our state government officials. remember that in november.



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