Monday, January 11, 2016

beer advent: december 16-25, the end of the flight

happy new year! i will get to all the wonderful things i want to share with you about our holiday, but first i must finish this beer advent blog. it was something i was so excited to do and share. but you know, the holidays got in the way of any personal time being used for personal time.... ;)

it is a bit exhausting to drink a half a beer a day. yeah, i said it. it is kind of ridiculous that half way through, i am getting a bit tired of beer every day. after the last group of five, i needed a beer break. i think we got two or three days behind. and i was totally ok with that.

december 16: troegs, mad elf, belgian strong dark ale
this is an excellent beer, but by this time in our advent i was spent on christmas ales. i was worn out on spicy [cinnamon/nutmeg, etc] flavored beer.

december 17: samuel adams, chocolate bock
this sweet treat was a very pleasant surprise. i am not a huge fan of sam adams beers, but this one was very good. it was not overly sweet nor overly bock-y. it was a wonderful mix of the two flavors.

december 18: firestone walker brewing company, double jack, imperial IPA
imperial IPAs are always better. hell, imperial anything is always better. the flavor is typically stronger, which is always more delicious. excellent beer.

december 19: lonerider brewing company, pistols at dawn, stout
it had a weird smell, but the flavor was good. typically if a beer has a weird or bad smell, that will ruin it all. however, this beer was able to recover from the odd nose on it.

december 20: new belgium brewing company, salted caramel brownie brown ale
it wasn't bad, but it was a pretty standard brown ale. there was nothing truly special about it. there were small hints of salt and caramel. so, if you are looking for big sweet notes, this is not the beer for you. however, if you are looking for a solid brown ale with hints of sweet, check this one out.

december 21: sierra nevada brewing company, ovila abbey saison [with mandarin oranges and peppercorns]
we bought this bottle back in august when we were at sierra nevada. this beer was so, so good. it was exactly as it was described - hints of citrus and pepper, with the pepper hitting you at the end. neither were too overwhelming. it was definitely worth the wait.

december 22: troegs, javahead, stout
i guess we really like what troegs has going on. we had a bunch of their beer. and why wouldn't we? it's good shit. a coffee stout? um, yes please.

december 23: triple C brewing company, 3C IPA
this is one of our favorite beers. OMG. it is a completely solid IPA. if you are in search of a go-to IPA, search no further. it is light, crisp, full of flavor and hops. i am drooling just thinking about it.

december 24: great divide brewing, hibernation ale, english style old ale
i wasn't sure what to expect with this one, but it is a good beer. it is malty with a slighty hoppy finish. a very nice winter warmer type beer, without all that extra spice.

december 25: mother earth brewing, silent night, imperial stout
we knew when we set up our beer advent calendar that this beer was going to be day 25. how could a beer named "silent night" not be? also, it is just so damn delicious it is worth having on our very last day of this amazing beer journey. it has a slight coffee taste and aroma with a rich malty flavor. it is another beer that sits on my top ten list.


we made it. the flight of 25 beers is over. it was certainly fun. but i felt like a gained 10 pounds throughout the month. but for the love of beer, it was worth it. maybe next year we can mix it up a bit and combine something else with the beer in our advent beer + chocolate. or beer + pizza! or beer + garden vegetables. haha, totally kidding on that last one.

i hope you all had a glorious holiday season. our was fantastic. i will post about it soon!

health and wellness to you all this new year!


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