Friday, January 29, 2016

montessori: special moments

i want to share with you guys something special that happened yesterday at our school. as most of you already know, i work at a montessori school. each year we host an evening for parents or other important grown-ups [grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc], to come to the school with the children so that they can show off and perform a work they are really proud of and confident in. i am sure other schools offer a similar event, such as an open house type experience. however, this event allows children to go into their own classroom, utilize the materials in order to show their family a work [or skill] they are most proud of.

us teachers are there, but mostly, if not entirely in the background. it is a night completely about the students. they come into the classroom, quietly, yet filled with excitement to show mom and dad around their space. they take a work to a table or get out a mat. most parents watch with anticipation. some students will complete the lesson in complete silence others will walk their parents through the work with verbal instructions of each step.

what is so amazing about this evening is that parents truly take it all in. they allow for their child to show them around their classroom, to prideful show off their environment and work. this night is not about correcting minor mistakes or suggesting to chose a more challenging work. it is about the time spent together. the engagement of adults with their child is enough to bring one to tears. it is moments frozen in time. parents can see independence, confidence, and leadership in their children no matter what works they choose off the shelf.
as a teacher who gets to witness all of these sweet moments, it melted my heart. it is reminder of why i am doing what i do. and why our families have chosen to be a part of our school community.

these precious moments are often hard to articulate if you don't understand it. if you are not a part of it. it is hard to even comprehend that a school family can be so united and feel like just that, family. when you and your children spend most of their day at school, shouldn't it be a community? shouldn't the people you share it with feel like family?

Montessori offered so much through her teaching, methods, and theory. the very least i can offer is an inspirational quote. i have worked with children since i was 17 years old. i cannot tell you a more amazing environment to work in. i know that i am a part of a pretty awesome school, it is due to the people that make up our school [staff and families], but also because of our very strong montessori philosophies. we create and live in this environment of grace, courtesy, respect and community.

these misty-eyed moments, tug at your heart moments...are what it's all about.



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