Monday, January 11, 2016

beer advent: december 11-15

so, i wrote this a few weeks ago and told blogger to publish it for me the day after i wrote it. seems like blogger doesn't follow directions very well. sorry for the delay. i know you all have been waiting on pins and needles to read more about what beers we drank! so without further ado...the treats continue!

every day has been a bit more fun knowing we have a delicious treat to unwrap. i think everyday of the year should be this way - filled with a small treat to make your day just a bit more delicious.

anyway, moving onto days 11-15...

december 11: troegs, hop knife, harvest ale. 
presents like an IPA. light and refreshing.

december 12: terrapin, moo-hoo, chocolate milk stout.
this was delicious! there was just the right amount of chocolate flavor and "fullness" from it being a milk stout. it was wonderful.

december 13: terrapin, wake-n-bake, imperial coffee oatmeal stout.
i think yesterday's and today's are my two favorite beers by terrapin. both were excellent. plus, how can you go wrong with an imperial. coffee. oatmeal. stout? i mean, seriously? it has all the components that make an excellent beer. well, in my opinion anyways.

december 14: firestone walker, union jack, IPA.
decent beer, but not much flavor. first one that i am really disappointed with. [sad face]

december 15: atwater, bourbon barrel aged shaman's, baltic porter.
this beer was awful. i know that baltic porters taste a bit different than regular porters. however, this one was supposed to have bourbon flavor. it didn't. it was supposed to taste like a porter. it didn't. it was sour. it smelled bad. we ended up pouring it down the drain. it was so awful i didn't even take a picture of it.
oh no! two bad beers in a row! i guess that can happen with experimentation. however, the atwater beer we think was just infected or a bad batch. we honestly hope that is not how the beer was meant to taste.

oh well. we are still having fun. ten days left!



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