Monday, December 21, 2015

beer advent: december 6-10

hello friends!

so sorry for the delay in sharing our beer advent. i am way behind, i know. december is such a crazy month! birthdays, christmas, holiday parties, social gatherings. it's so fun, but so busy. i didn't forget, i just didn't get a chance to share with you guys. so without further delay, the next five days of yummy!

december 6: dominion, morning glory, espresso stout.
this style of beer is right up my alley. it is really delicious! the espresso flavor isn't overpowering and was complete with a dry finish.

december 7: highland, king macaplin, double IPA.
malt forward with hoppy finish. very complete and delicious beer. we've had this before and i didn't enjoy it much the first time, but this time i really enjoyed the flavor. perhaps because it's cooler out i liked the heaviness of it more.

december 8: stone, ruination 2.0, double IPA.
it is light and drinkable. it is hop forward, but lacks flavor. it wasn't as impressive as most stone beers are. it could be a good beer for a hot, summer day.

december 9: homebrew by low noon, pumpkin porter. 
excellent beer. great porter flavor complete with pumpkin flavor and natural spices [cinnamon and nutmug]. it is not too sweet. very good beer. nice work, fellas!

december 10: dominion, candi, belgian tripel.
it's a decent beer, just not my favorite style of beer.

this adventure has been fun and introduced us to many new beers. it has been fun to try beers we would have normally picked out. i hope this experiment continues to encourage to branch out of our typical favorite styles and try new ones.



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