Saturday, February 14, 2015

valentine's day: where did it begin?

so, today is valentine's day.

i notice that a lot of people tend to respond to valentine's day with a scrooge like attitude. i love you everyday, i don't need a special day to remind me. [umm, anniversary, anyone?] i don't need someone telling me when i should love you. it's a hallmark holiday. 

the origins of valentine's day dates back almost 2000 years. so, i'd say it is far from a hallmark holiday. the stories of how valentine's day truly originates does conflict. some say it was rooted in an ancient roman festival, lupercalia, in which young men would strip naked and slap women with dog or goat skin to increase fertility. some say there were several christian st. valentines that were martyrs. all in the name of love. one valentine married young men when it was outlawed due to war. single young men were entered into the draft whereas married men were not. valentine found this unfair to love and married young men in secret. another valentine was jailed when he fell in love with the warden's daughter. he would send her love notes signed "your valentine." both valentines were eventually killed.
and over the centuries the holiday has changed and evolved to sending love notes, cards, and gifts. it is celebrated all over the world.

the origins are forever uncertain, but one thing remains true - valentine's day is a day of love.

what truly is wrong with a day of love? some say they do not require a reminder of days to love. collectively, as humans, i think we do. i think we need more than one day a year to remind us to love each other. to fill this world with compassion. kindness. affection.
our world is filled with so much hate. so much intolerance. so much greed. so much violence.
days of love would kill anyone. [seriously.]

imagine if we filled our world with days, weeks, months of love. imagine if we bred love. compassion. tolerance. acceptance. patience. hope. imagine how peaceful our world could be? imagine if we loved first? can you imagine how amazing that would feel....

a day of love, not only for our significant others, but for our neighbors, strangers, friends, enemies; is essential to our survival. loving those around us makes this world a sweeter place. it makes it a safer place.

the feelings of love are far better than the feelings of the alternative. celebrating love - any love, is always worth celebrating. we do need constant reminders to love. to love each other and support each other, especially in a world filled with so much negativity.

i love love. celebrating it and living it is a magnificent way to live. love should always win.

i love all of you and hope you enjoy this beautiful day of love!


happy valentine's day!


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