Wednesday, February 4, 2015

life's little moments

last weekend was nothing out of the ordinary. other than it was exceptional.

sharing with you the "things" we did will show that it was in fact, regular and just as i said, nothing special. at least, not at face value. here is a small piece of what made the weekend amazing.

the husband + friends went to a regularly schedule hockey game. while we were there, we noticed that after hockey games on friday and saturday nights, the arena has a dance club + full service bar open to all who attended the game. we thought, "hell yeah! let's check that shit out."

so we did. it was everything an arena dance club could be. it was a regular conference room divided by partitions. you know, every club needs partitions. there was a strobe-ish light. the music was fantastic. all of your favorite songs completely club remixed. any song, from any decade, club style. we danced our faces off. it was a sight to be seen.

we let loose and did not care who tuned into our dance show. after all, if the 9-years-olds could boogie down, so could we. we laughed, sweated, and neglected to take any pictures. the time spent at the arena dance club was pure joy. moments that were not lost on any of us. we were completely absorbed in this novel experience that was just so much damn fun. it didn't hurt that so many songs of our youth were played. blackstreet, anyone?

any moment that is shared with people i love in moments that make me lose track of time and bring me true happiness, i'll repeat that shit. every single day.

and that is how last weekend felt. ALL of it. extraordinary. exceptional.


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