Sunday, January 18, 2015

the flu and you

so, the flu has over taken my home and workplace. keith and i both have it, the other teacher in my classroom has it, and countless children have been out of school with it. plus, who knows how many of them have it undiagnosed. being sick with the flu is a whole new level of sick. it's not something you can manage to struggle through a of work with [very well]. it makes you feel delirious. sensory perception is wayyyyy off. not to mention body aches and fatigues, to name a few. so, i'd like to share with you guys our journey with the flu. listed below are some of the things we've experienced, and it's not even over yet. flu, get on up outta here!


extreme sleeping. sleeping 40 of 48 hours has become the norm. 

sleep has now become a full-time job. this is because we are so exhausted we can hardly move. keeping our eyes open truly is work. 

food is no longer a priority. it all is disgusting. saltines and soup. that's it, if at all. however, if i could get an IV drip of fluids, i'd be in heaven. I'M SO THRISTY. 

a shower after 3 days without one feels magical. 

heating up tea, then forgetting about it leads to the ceramic tea pot bursting. thanks flu, for increasing my scatterbrainedness. as if i needed that. 

creating a swimming pool in your bed because you sweated ALL NIGHT LONG because your fever finally broke. yay! but now all the sheets, blankets, everything must be thrown out.

still sleeping in separate beds because one of us is still way sicker than the other. 

life with a puppy is now truly the most exhausting life ever. JUST LET ME SLEEP. 

binge watching on netflix has a whole new meaning. i started watching "hard time", a nat geo documentary. i was half way through it before i realized it is five years old. whatever. and then highly disappointed when the series ended after only six shows. SIX. what am i to watch now?! that is no binge watching...six shows. pssshh.

activity of the day: making kale soup, which was literally the easily thing to do. ingredients, get them and throw them in a pot. and done. this activity was also the most exhausting. 

did i mention the exhaustion? 

thinking you are on the mend and then the flu just laughs in your face.

deciding to go to work only because you haven't been all week. you go because you feel "you should" not really because "you can".

your spouse shows concern about the amount of weight you've lost. you know, because now you are so thin you look sickly. thanks, flu!

snot, phlegm, hacking, clogged head [just to name a few] have become accepted as part of the daily routine.

new household uniform: PAJAMAS and HOODIES with a blanket in tow.

i am happy to say, we are on the mend [finally!], and only minor symptoms are hanging around [stuffy head, fatigue]. i was fortunate to have a "mild" case of the flu, but i saw it's true effects on keith and my co-workers and i wouldn't wish that on anyone.

stay healthy this winter!!


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