Friday, January 9, 2015

a new year, a new you!

it's january!

that means it's time to get right. there are new workout plans. new fad diets. new, crazy "lose weight fast" plans. i've gotten plenty of fliers requesting me to join their gym for a nominal fee. i've also seen plenty of "runners" out on the street. and don't forget about those weight watches and jenny craig commericals.

i am happy for anyone who wants to make their body right. but it's hard work. it's a commitment and a lifestyle change. there is nothing "fast" about it. i've been doing what i've been doing for almost two years now and i still tweak it and change it to keep improving myself.

i have no huge goals for january or this year, other than to keep kicking ass [pretty great goal, eh?]. although, here are a few things i will be working on.

my strict workout plan:
i still do everyday. currently they are doing "HIITMAX" each day they post a video that is at least 12 minutes long. you start with workout 1 on monday. then on tuesday you will do workout 1 again and add the new video, workout 2. then on wednesday you will do workout 1, workout 2, and add workout 3....and so on until friday. it's really tough. i haven't been able to complete all five videos at one time, if that tells you anything.

here is the link for the first HIITMAX: workout 1 [if you'd like to check it out]
that post will explain the format in greater detail.

here is a link for the current "season". each "season" is 4/5 weeks long.
HIITMAX - season 3: workout 51 [start with fit test] and workout 52

in addition, each month bodyrock posts a calendar challenge, such as situps and pushups, or burpees. each day [or week] it progressively gets harder/more intense. i never choose to do them. well, this month i am. it is a combination of burpees, pushups, squats, and skipping [jumping rope].
check it out here: dailyhiit blog - january "just go" challenge

for the most part, i've always maintained a good eating regime. almost all homemade, organic, and clean diet. this month i want to eat as clean as possible. that means packaged foods. no pretzels, no tortilla chips. no beer [gasp!]. no eating out [although, we have a few farm-to-table restaurants that i could probably eat at].
the few things i kept: vanilla yogurt, whole milk, and coffee.

it takes a lot of planning to make sure there is enough food to feed this hungry face. especially when it all must be made from scratch. ALL OF IT. but it's fun to create new recipes and things to eat.

other thoughts...
i want to challenge myself more physically. so we will be looking to sign up for more 5k races, even if they are silly in nature. the first race? hopefully cupid's undie run in raleigh. and no, i am not kidding.

we also are going to join the gym [yes, even after i made the smart ass gym comment]. that probably won't happen for a couple of months due to other life events. we want to make sure we are using what we are paying for. so my best guess is april. we want to be a part of the gym for access to more things - variety of cardio machines, weights, classes, racquet ball, indoor pool, outdoor equipment [kayaks!]. this will also amp up our exercise regime and performance.

whew. that's a lot for just january. i'll follow up in february. but so far, so good. :)

do you have diet/exercise goals for this year?


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