Friday, March 13, 2015

life's lemons

hello and happy friday!

i often do not try to write about the "boring" details of our every day life. i certainly want to share our world with you, but my goal is to share the things that make it special - whether those things are amazing, ridiculous, challenging or heartbreaking. but the every day, whereas it is special in its own way, i am certain you do not care that i pay bills, walk my dogs and go to the gym.

yet, i haven't written in a while. that is because our every day has been extra busy. we are moving. life has been consumed by packing our home away. actually today, and this weekend were supposed to be moving weekend.

but it no longer is.

our home that we are moving into had a pipe freeze, then burst, which flooded the entire home. naturally the clean up and remodel process has taken longer than anticipated. they hope to have it completed in two weeks. i really want to be upset by all of this. but mostly, i am just sad. i am so excited to move into our new home. it is bigger, has a yard for our sweet pups, and in a nice neighborhood. and this enormous maintenance issue is really no one's fault. so who could i even be mad at? who could i blame? there is no use is being upset. we now just have more time to pack away our final items, clean out cabinets, touch up walls and do anything else at our current home.

plus, our weekend is now WIDE open. we are free as a bird. we can enjoy some beautiful spring-like weather and play outside.

when life hands you lemons, there is no use in being angry or throwing them back at life. use them to make sweet lemonade. you often can't change what has happened, you can only make a plan and move forward.

this plumbing failure at our new home really sucks. however, it was beyond our control. furthermore, i am so glad it happened while the home was vacant. no one's possessions were ruined. and even if we are delayed, now we will move in to a an even more beautiful home.

so, instead of "enjoying" our weekend moving into a new home, we are going to enjoy our suddenly free weekend playing.

life is always an adventure. enjoy the ride.



Emily Modlin said...

I'm sorry this happend to you guys, but you seem to have a wonderfu loutlook about it!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Kendra Sales said...

thanks for your sweet words! it's the only way we can look at it! plus, we were able to enjoy today playing instead of spending it moving. ;) the silver lining?