Wednesday, November 26, 2014

special moments

throughout life we often have "ah ha" moments. special moments. those moments that ignite you and remind you of your life's purpose.

yesterday i had one of those moments.

throughout the year our school has various performances, feasts, and school community programs. events that we do together as a school. ages three to twelve. it truly is endearing. yesterday was our thanksgiving celebration and feast. it was a day of fun, games, singing, and eating. there are so many things about this event that moves me. the children plan almost every aspect of the day, with little adult intervention. they plan the games and activities that included face painting, arts and crafts, jumping rope, a snack station (because we all know kids are always hungry!), four square...the list goes on. they also prepared the feast environment. they arranged and set the tables, made name cards and napkin holders and decorated our dining space. it was beautiful.

their independence is remarkable.

before we all came together to give thanks and shared our meal as a school, we spent time with our music teacher singing songs that the children have been practicing for several weeks. the excitement, joy and level of participation is immeasurable. to hear a room full of children singing their hearts out, together is such a sweet sound. to hear this group of children sing, to hear their desire to perform for each other and with each other is truly amazing. this moment was blissful, carefree, and jubilant. these moments are often difficult to describe. it's a moment that feels so perfect in a world of imperfection. it's a moment of "wow! i am a part of something that is breathtaking!". it's a moment of wonderment. moments like these are so meaningful through something so simple.
so, it is difficult to describe because these moments don't happen everyday. that is what makes them extraordinary. that is why they ignite your soul.

it is moments like these that are so special. that remind you of the "why". why you are doing what you are doing. what makes it all worth it. some days our impact feels so small, but on days like this, when we are a community doing great things together, it reminds me of my "why".

no matter how small or large the impact we make on others, it's important. and they remember. so make it worth your while. remember your why.


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