Monday, June 16, 2014


it's finally time.

i have some exciting news. nerve-racking news. delightful news. 

as you all may know, i am a school teacher, so i have summers off (yay!), but that leaves me with a lot of free time. most of which i enjoy. however, i enjoy being busy more. so, i got to thinking, i need something to do over the summer. there were lots of ideas thrown around: part-time job, babysit, volunteer....blah, blah, blah.
most ideas sounded great, yet, since i had time off away from my job i really wanted to invest my time in something i wanted to be doing...not another job. and the things i want to do are: write (and get paid), volunteer (for real, i mean it), and create art to share with the world (i.e., sell it). 

i find myself creating art projects, from scratch. and i enjoy it. most are fairly simple, yet, have a clean look to them. this idea of selling my artwork all started when i created a simple canvas piece for our bedroom. so, many years later (two, to be exact), i am finally doing it.

so without further ado, i'd like to share with you: buttered ham! i have taken a big, yet small leap and opened my very own esty shop. a shop filling with homemade art projects. some are made from wood, some from canvas, and some are photographs. the shop is small now, but i hope to grow my shop as my art creations grow.

i am very happy to share it with you. however, it is very new and very fresh. if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. i will update and tweak it as necessary. please look around and enjoy; and most importantly, feel free to order something ;)

thank you all for your support!!


oh, and in addition to the buttered ham link in this blog listing, there is a permanent link on WTR. just look in the left column, toward the bottom [it is labeled "my esty shop: buttered ham" and has a bunch of pretty pictures on it!]

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