Saturday, May 17, 2014

K2 wedding memory: the broken glass

i have a favorite wedding memory that i would love to share with you all. as i was looking through our wedding pictures i was reminded of this very funny moment.
these pictures and this moment are forever hilarious to those who participated and witnessed the event. and what's more, our photographers caught it all on film. whether they meant to our not, it is still awesome.

they show one of our funniest and most favorite wedding memory. however, to fully understand what is happening in the pictures, it definitely requires a back story. the house that we had our reception at had an outdoor cabana [bar + patio + seating area]. and on top of the cabana is a sunbathing deck. now obviously for a wedding reception a sunbathing deck was not used for such. we used it for our dance floor!
the way that we "started" off our reception was that after all the dances [first dance, mother/son, father/daughter], the last dance [father/daughter] was "interrupted" by the black eyed peas song "i gotta feeling". once this song started playing all members of the wedding party started dancing with us. this created quite a bit of excitement. so much excitement that dan dropped the glass he was holding. and it proceeded to roll off the top of the cabana and drop the 10-12 feet to the ground and nearly hitting the groom's grandmother.
i'll explain more as we look through the pictures. but for now, let's get started.

we're gonna have a good night! yay!!
 dan just realized he dropped the glass. oops.

 dan telling keith what just happened. "dude, i just dropped a glass on your grandma."
meanwhile, laura already knows what happened and is beside herself about it.

 look at laura's face. it is this way throughout all these pictures.

 discussion ensues. and it is hilarious.

 very hilarious.

there is a lot of laughter and some confusion.

 all of this excitement causes ryan to jump in the middle of everything.

 keith is finally explaining to me exactly what happened.


now, all of this may not seem so silly or funny to an outsider, but if you were there and experienced this moment with us, it was beyond hysterical. and what makes it a thousand times more memorable is that it is all captured on film [thank you jamie!].

there are many silly moments like this that happened throughout our wedding that we are so lucky to have them all captured by way of photographs. 

thank you, again, to everyone who made this day so wonderful, so special, and so memorable for us. we love you all!


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