Thursday, May 15, 2014

3 years later

to my sweet love,

three years have gone by. time flies when memories are being made and life is being lived. three years ago today we vowed to commit our lives to each other. to share our lives together. our marriage has been nothing short of that. words will never be able to express my love, passion, and commitment for you. you are my everything. you are my best friend and my favorite person.

i love our love.

i love the ridiculousness. i love the struggles. i love our deep conversations. i love our stupid jokes that no one else understands. i love our constant support of each others dreams and ambitions [even if they seem too lofty]. i love the zoo that lives with us. i love our constant need for travel. i love our hand holding and snuggles. i love all the "i love yous". i growing with you. i love every single bit of us.

i love our love.

[because, lets face it, me and you together is pretty damn awesome. ;) ]

our life, our journey and our adventure has been extraordinary. you make it all worth the while. i am so lucky to have you standing by my side each day as we conquer and cherish this life....together.

i love you so very much.

always and forever.


sealing the deal ;)

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