Friday, February 14, 2014

LOVE is a miracle.

i've said it before. and i'll say it again. i don't write about love a lot. however, it is valentine's day. it almost seems fitting. yet, keith and i aren't' big into valentine's day. it's not really "our" day. our days to celebrate love are everyday and of course, our anniversary. we really love our anniversary. our anniversary is so special because our wedding day was so special [but that is a another blog for another day].

this valentine's day got me thinking of how people end up together. how we "choose" our life partner. it really is a mind-blowing feat, if you sit down to think about it. let's look at keith and i, for example...shall we :)

it's really difficult to articulate our life stories without it sounding boring or like a resume. i guess what is so amazing to me is how people meet. keith and i met during one summer [2005] at work. big deal, right? people meet at work [or school] all the time. but what even got us to that point? we had 20+ years of planning to get us there. we had boyfriends/girlfriends. high school. sports. jobs. moving. LIFE.

and even then, once we met, it still wasn't the right time for us.

it took yet another small miracle for us to get together.

after that summer ended, and we went our separate ways and onto the fall semester. during the fall, one day at work, i found all the summer staffs' contact information and keith's name was on it. i remembered how nice and sweet he was so, i thought it would be a good idea to contact him. after that, we spoke sporadically. we didn't actually see each other until december 2005, our first date. and even then, we only went out on a 'date' because keith couldn't make it a few nights prior for my birthday outing.

and we've been inseparable ever since.

can you imagine how different things might be if one of those events had turned out slightly differently?

why do things work out the way that they do?
because that's they way they are meant to be.

what about your love story? think about how you found your life partner and just how miraculous it is. so much happens in our life. nothing is left to chance. we meet amazing people every day for so many reasons. to teach us lessons. to be mentors. to be new friends. to be confidants. to be drinking buddies. there are so many reasons we meet new people.
the person you have chosen to share this life with, it truly was back breaking work for you two to find each other. so hold them tightly, tell them you love them and appreciate them; and are so lucky to have them as a part of your life.

i truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. including love.
and my love is nothing short of a miracle.

enjoy your valentine's day!!


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