Thursday, March 6, 2014

this and that. that and this.

i rarely share with you the "things" we do. i often discuss my thoughts, passions, concerns, and funnies. so, today i thought i'd give you a quick update on what we've been up to this year [can you believe it's already march?!]. our year is off to a slow, enjoyable start [thank goodness].

- during the first week of january keith and i spoke at UNC to a class of med students about my life with epilepsy. it was an awesome experience and would love the opportunity to speak again.

- over MLK weekend we were in raleigh for two hockey games. i was able to catch up with ashley for lunch on sunday at a new restaurant, chuy's. it was delish! [hockey was on a hiatus during the olympics. so we haven't been to a home hockey game in almost a month. that is crazy talk.]

- we've had a lot of snow days. i think we've either been delayed or missed between 7-8 days. it's been fun, but along with the rest of the southeast, i am ready for spring.

- valentine's weekend: keith and i really make no effort to celebrate valentine's day, but this weekend ended up doing lots of amazing things. we started our day with brunch at the scullery, a cute cafe downtown that we've been itching to try. it was so, so yummy [we will definitely be back!]. then we headed to kinston to mother earth brewing, followed by the boiler room for southern poutine and picklebackers. lastly, we got a drink and dinner at villedge, another favorite spot in town. we had a delicious food and drink tour of greenville.

pictures from respective facebook pages
- another great weekend in greenville was spent in the sunshine. we took orso to a new park. we hit some golf balls at the driving range. and ended our day with beers and apps outside at winslows.

- the last weekend of february keith and i took trips, separate trips. he went with the boys to asheville. they ate and drank their way through 13 breweries and countless restaurants. he is still exhausted. i went with the girls on a relaxing beach getaway to topsail beach. we went for runs/walks on the beach, enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful water views. we tried to shop [many stores and restaurants were still closed up for the season]. however, the trailer bar did not disappoint! it was a wonderful weekend to get away and catch up with my girls!

mountain vs. sea views

other things worth a mention:
i am so excited and happy with my physical fitness. i am running a 5k in april [yay!]. every day i feel stronger and more confident in myself. workouts are a vital part of my day. they help me through the best of days and through the crummiest of days. [a much more detailed blog on this is in the works].

i have the desire motivation to do more with my life and time. is it through writing? is it through art? is it through volunteering? is it through more education? is it through starting my own business? all of the above?

and now it's march. MARCH. and it is still freaking cold. what the hell? but the weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend, so we are looking forward to yet another fun weekend on tap [hockey, ECU baseball, driving range, park...basically anything outdoors]. our year hasn't started off too busy, which is good because looking ahead i see many events on the calendar and a crazy, as usual schedule on the horizon. so, we will enjoy these next few quiet weekends while we have them.

i hope your year is off to a wonderful beginning and that you all are staying warm [spring is near...i promise]!


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