Sunday, February 14, 2010

our fairy tale

so this valentine's day felt extra special, and i'm not really sure why. keith and i have never really celebrated anniversaries or anything like that. birthdays...sometimes. i guess it's because we celebrate our love everyday? haha. how cheesy. but seriously, we will just go out and do something, just for us. randomly. so i don't think anniversaries are a huge deal to us. because every day is like a celebration to us. awwwwww.

but anyway, this year i decided i would share our "our story". just to warn you, i am kind of long winded about it. so here goes....

it started wayyyyyyy back during the summer of 2005. we were merely co-workers while working for the city of raleigh youth programs. i didn't really know keith. we worked in the same office, but we did different things. i was a computer specialist (not as glamorous as it may sound) and he was an equipment manager. so, we crossed paths, and spoke on occasion. as the summer went by, we spoke more often and i found this 20 year old very intriguing. but don't tell him i said that. however, at the time, i turned myself off to him for two reasons: 1) i had a douche bag of a boyfriend. even though he was a douche, i was still a faithful girlfriend. 2) i was a snob. i got hung up on the fact that he was only 20 years old. he would invite me to his house parties countless times. and every time i said no. what a snob. i mean, deep down i wanted to, but i still said no. i thought "how am i going to get my 24 year old friends to go to a house party filled with kids who are barely out of puberty?" i know, snob-central.

and that was how our summer ended. he went back to school at UNCG. i stayed at work full-time and school part-time at NC State. i went on with my life and my douche bag boyfriend. but then something so typical happened...DB (douche bag) broke up with me. and my typical response followed: i tried to fight it for months on end.
because i still worked for youth programs, one day during a clean up session, i came across the contact information for all of the summer staff. i was reminded of dear old keith. it was perfect timing for me. i did what any girl would do, i found him on facebook. from then we started chatting via AIM. and one weekend i got this crazy idea to just drive out to greensboro to see him. you can tell i was totally over DB and ready to move on to someone better. however, plans did not work out. (insert temporary sad face). keith ended up coming to raleigh that same weekend, but did not want to hang out with me, i guess.....

so, a few months go by. keith and i talked sporadically. things with DB are steadily getting worse. so now it time for my 25th birthday.
*oh, side note, DB said he wouldn't come out to celebrate my birthday because he didn't like going out downtown. who the fuck cares, its my birthday. you do what I want. not what you want. that was my last straw. that was my moment when i knew it was over.*
i was very excited to celebrate my birthday that year! i invited everyone out. we rented white horse, which is like a taxi service that stays with you all night. so everyone could drink. we went downtown and had the best time. i even invited keith. he "claims" he had to work. he really did, i just always give him a hard time about missing my party.
but the good news is, he said that since he couldn't make it, why don't we go to a hockey game instead? i was like, "sure!"

anyway, so keith and i went to our first hockey game december 20, 2005. we drank beers. he wore my gloves and we went out with his friends afterward. that night wasn't supposed to be a "date", but that is what it ended up being. after a late night dinner with his buddies, he came over to my place. the night had be sooo perfect that i never wanted it to end. i wanted him to spend the night, but to just stay and sleep. nothing else. *gasp!* i am a lady. and i had just "remet" him for crying out loud! and plus, i wanted many more dates to follow this one. and if you know us at all, a hockey game was the perfect and extremely fitting beginning for us.
and so the story goes...we have been inseparable ever since. i knew that night he was the person i wanted to be with. i never believed or never felt it before. but, i know now, "when you know, you know." and i knew with him.

we spent his entire christmas break together. since he was only home for a month. he went back to school january 2006. at that point we had not defined our relationship, but in my mind, i didn't feel like we needed to. i knew where we were at. we were always together. and neither one of us were seeing anyone else. so, we started the long distance thing. mannn, it was hard. about a month into, on a typical late night phone convo, keith asks, "i don't mean to sound like a girl, but where is this going?"i thought it was so sweet. i remember smiling when he asked me that. so, we became officially "together" january 30th, 2006. although we aren't too sure if it was the 30th or 31st because we were talking about us on the phone late one night and when ever the decision was made, we don't know if it was still the night of the 30th or the weeee early hours of the 31st. so, i guess we settled on the 30th because that's when our phone conversation started.

so, the first eight months of our relationship were long distance. it was tough. but soooo worth it. to all of those out there who throw away relationships because of the distance, i think you are crazy. some days were really hard when we were apart, but it made the days that we were together a million times better.

and now today....four years later. we are madly in love. living together in our second home in greenville, north carolina. we have our own little "family". two cats and two dogs. we are building our future and chasing our dreams. we talk about marriage and children. we disagree on where we want to live after college, but we both know where we are going to end up. we talk about our fears and worries. we are constantly silly. our families mean the world to us. and we mean everything to each other.

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