Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-Day weekend surprises

this is why i love my life....

this weekend we went home to celebrate grandma's 92nd birthday and to go to a hockey game. here are just a few of the other awesome things that happened along the way.

friday night we decide to go out to dinner at this new restaurant near keith's parent's house. bad news: its new, so there are still some kinks. we had to wait 2 hours to be seated. good news: we got comped drinks and an appetizer. both were delicious. as was the food. although, i will probably wait a few months to go back to eat, just to make sure things are running more smoothly. because the food is definitely worth having again.
while we spent 3 hours at the was snowing!! so by the time we got home, there was at least 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground. we immediately had a snowball fight. which led to me falling in the driveway. i was wearing skate shoes, which have absolutely NO grip. its like walking on ice. times two, since it was already slick out. so, down i went. but luckily my knee broke my fall. now my left knee is swollen and red.
that didn't stop me from the rest of our nighttime adventures. we then decided to go sledding! we scoured the neighborhood for the perfect sledding hill. and of course, after walking around and sledding down mediocre hills, the best one was 4 houses down from where keith lives. it was awesome. i felt 12 years old again. we were out there until who knows when and i was so tired the next day. but it was soooo worth it.

saturday was grandma's 92nd birthday party. she is 92. or as flo said "ninety-fucking-two". that is amazing. and awesome. and she is in pretty good health...for 92. of course we had a big party with everyone there. but we had to leave early to get the the hurricanes game. we wanted to get to the hockey game early because they were selling valentine's shirts that were autographed by the players. there were only 300 shirts. we didn't get there quite early enough. so no shirt. (insert sad face). i tried not to get too excited about it. but it was a very sweet thought of keith to want to do that for me and then when it didn't work out, i was a little heartbroken. so since we were in the game early, we were walking around and i stopped off to go to the bathroom, when i came out, keith and flo were gone and only phil was waiting for me. phil made up some lame excuses as to where they went. i bought it. and phil and i wondered around for awhile. we finally went to our seats and about 15 minutes later keith and flo return. and keith has a present. see, the boys were being sneaky. phil made up the lame excuses so that keith and flo could go buy me a new hurricanes jersey (insert very happy face)! i love the one that i have, but when keith got that one, he was really disappointed because it doesn't have the real patches. all the patches are iron-ons. so, he's been talking, for a long time, about getting me a new jersey. so, he bought me their third jersey...the black one!! i was so surprised!! and excited! we have to take it back to get my name on it. but still....i love it!!

after the game, which we won, by the way, we got free pretzels at the RBC center. and nothing there is free. so we were happy to eat the free food. i mean, who wouldn't be?
then we headed over to phil's place. finally. we've never been invited. we met his roommates and some of his friends. they were a lot of fun. but we left after a little bit and were just gonna go home. but keith wanted to stop at a bar for a drink. he never really has a desire to go we were like "alright, let's do it!" 
we had been at the bar for 5 minutes and who do i see come out of the bathroom? erik fucking cole. yeah, that's right. he was hanging out at the local rudino's. ohhh yeah, with his buddy joe corvo. oh, and we bought them a pitcher of beer. and then they bought us a round of drinks. oh, and cole came over to thank us for the drinks. and keith peed with cole and got to have a real conversation with him. it was pretty awesome. i am still star struck. 
**for those of you who do not keep up with hurricanes hockey, erik cole and joe corvo are two of the hurricanes best players. except that cole has been out hurt for awhile.**

there were a lot of awesome things that happened last night. so awesome that we felt the need to document them all while we were still at the bar.

it was a great weekend. i wish every weekend was this amazing. life is all about the little things. a lot of little, amazing and unexpected things happened this weekend to make it especially great. i love life's little surprises!

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