Monday, February 22, 2010

old habits die hard.

ok. since i devoted one blog and MANY days to my frustration of keith's dirty dishes. i thought i would turn the tables and highlight some of my habits he may not exactly be in love with.

btw, he finally read "the ice cream challenge" blog. and cried about it. so, i thought i would even things up. so, here you go sweetie.

our kitchen table. typically my mess.

i let my slipper socks and slippers build up by the side of the bed. to create mount st. slipper. here's the current pile i've got going. not sure how much this really bothers him other than the fact that he is the one who seems to pick up all the socks and put them in the dirty clothes hammer.

i must watch friends to fall asleep. no questions asked. keith has a hard time falling asleep with the tv on. so, in turn, he hates this.

i have multiple bags for multiple things. this causes me to misplace things. constantly. so i must ask for his help to find my lost items. a lot. and keith constantly tries to put my many bags away for me. and each time, it is met with resistant from me.

even though i love these two furry animals, i am not a fan of this cold winter. so every night i whine about having to take them out. and i beg keith to take them outside.

and i am sure if you were to go directly to the source (keith), he could provide you with plenty more of my habits that he isn't a fan of. these are just a sample.

or perhaps i am just perfect. and nothing i do bothers him. :o)

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