Friday, February 12, 2010

AND IT'S OVER: the ice cream challenge

monday night: finally! i won. heehee. all it took was me taking a nap. and he cleaned up the kitchen. who knew? he put all the dishes in the dishwasher and ran it. and then once the dishwasher completed it's cycle, he emptied it! anything is possible. if you are willing to wait 4 days. yep, that only took 4 days.

monday afternoon: ok. so i need some help. the dishes are starting to multiply exponentially. so in turn, it is now not so funny, it is starting to drive me crazy. and i am starting to get a little mad. part of me wonders if he finally found out about this little challenge and decided to leave the dishes out just to fuel my fire. either way, i need help on how to get him to clean up these damn dishes. i have gone this long. so he needs to do it. but it needs to get done soon before i lose my head about it all. i started this little game. and now it's gonna backfire on me. sheesh.

monday morning: so i decided to wait until today to update, for any small hopes of a clean up. no such luck. here's what has happened. i cleaned up the skillet and cookie sheet. mainly because it was my mess...well, at least the cookie sheet was. by doing that, i noticed the beer bottle was gone! so, he cleaned up something!! buuutttt...this morning when i got up i noticed a new dish. his cereal bowl and spoon from breakfast this morning. so, it kind of put him back at zero.
here's what i think: he's long since forgotten that the mug, spoon and scoop were his mess. not that it matters. i mean, he could still clean it up. he was in the kitchen a hundred times yesterday. so, now i just wonder, "why!!??! why can't he just clean it up!?" shit.
also, he has said on numerous occasions that he has absolute no problem leaving dishes in the sink. however, he knows that i flipping hate it. so, be a dear, and clean up your mess. that would be like me doing something that totally annoyed him. like making noise or turning on lights during his precious naps in the living room. instead of going upstairs. you know, where it is already a conducive environment for sleeeeeeping.

sunday: we are out of town this weekend. so needless to say, the mug and his friends have been having a party in the sink while we've been away. annddd, right before we left, keith picks up the dishes we used to cook lunch (a skillet and a cookie sheet) and asks if i wanted him to put them away. i told him to do whatever he wanted with them. so, of course, they are now sitting in the sink with the other dishes. i will cut him some slack about the skillet and cookie sheet though. because we were just about to walk out the door. and i would have done the same thing. dirty dishes aren't hurting anyone who isn't there...right??

friday morning: its all still there. it appears the mug and beer bottle have a new friend. a bowl and spoon, which he used for breakfast. its like the sink is growing dishes!! ahhhh!!


you know, i am glad this has ceased to bother me. its now just comical. it's like he doesn't realize that i haven't cleaned up these dishes. he was even in the kitchen with me while i cleaned up other dishes and left his ice cream dishes in the sink. you would have thought he would have asked "hey, why are you leaving those?"
i love keith dearly, but sometimes i wonder how can you be so oblivious?? or lazy?

thursday night: its almost 24 hours later. the mug, spoon and ice cream scooper are still in the sink.
and he has added a beer bottle to the mix.


Steven & Kimberly said...

oh wow, hahahahahahha.... why didn't he throw the bottle away?

KENDRA said...

yeah, i don't know. it's getting ridiculous now. i think this is going to go on wayyyyyyy longer than i thought.
i was kinda hoping he'd surprise me and clean up his shit!

klt said...

omg are RIDICULOUS... I love it...the sad thing is, I'm Keith and you are Blake in my relationship...haha