Thursday, February 11, 2010

ice cream challenge. its not as yummy as it sounds.

the ice cream challenge.

its not what you think it is.

last night keith had some ice cream. delicious.

growing up, we used to eat our ice cream in coffee mugs. don't ask me why. because i don't know. but to this day, that is still how i eat my ice cream. and i have converted keith to eating his the same way. i don't know, it seems easier in a mug versus a bowl. you have a convenient handle, to carry your ice cream where ever you go. its easier to mush up the ice cream in a mug. you have the tall sides to keep the ice cream in during all that smushing. so that it becomings nice and creamy. yummmm. the best way to eat ice cream.

anyway, back to the story. so after keith eats his delectable sweet treat, he puts his mug, spoon and ice cream scoop in the sink. where it sits. and sits. and sits. and it still sits there. 12 hours later. i am sure most women will agree with me on this one, how hard is it to put these dishes in the dishwasher? in our house the dishwasher is right next to the sink. as i can imagine most houses, the dishwasher can't be far from the sink.

i am not quite sure why this annoys me so much. but i cannot understand why he cannot manage to put dishes in the dishwasher. i mean, i am ok with it if its a few minutes or even a few hours. like if you set it in the sink and then forgot or suddenly had to go do something else instead of taking the additional two seconds to complete the task?? i mean, i don't really get it. but i do allow for some leeway. i am not totally out of control. i'm not the dishwasher nazi. because i have been at fault too. i have left dishes in the sink.
but here is the difference: i do it when 1) the dishwasher is clean. 2) i know i will be the one to put the dishes away. i don't make him clean up my mess.
keith, however is a different story: almost always leaves his dishes in the sink. for me to clean up for him. i'm not his mother (whom i know won't clean up after him either). and i am not his maid.

so, this is where the ice cream challenge comes in. i am going to leave his ice cream dishes in the sink. *gasp!* as much as it will kill me not to clean it up, i want to see how long it take for him to do it.

any bets on how long it will take?

and any suggestions how i can cure this problem?

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Steven & Kimberly said...

Haha, good luck! You could stop buying ice cream until he agrees to start putting his stuff away :-)