Tuesday, June 11, 2013

pizza dinner

everyday around mid-afternoon i start thinking about what to make for dinner. today was no different. i figured we could have some meal with chicken and veggies. so, i needed to take the chicken out of the freezer. i typically put the chicken in a bowl, so as it defrosts, the melty water doesn't get all over the counter. for some reason, today i didn't do that. i just set the frozen chicken on the counter and went on my way.
shortly after that, keith got home and we had to run some errands. and we know that before we leave we must "layla proof" the house. this means we must pickup ANYTHING we think she might eat or destroy [socks, paper, cardboard, magazines]. i did a quick scan of our room and the living, looked good. so we left.

well, our errands weren't as productive as we had hoped.

we took a keg back to the local lowe's [since we have a kegerator] to get the deposit back. well, the lady at lowe's said we couldn't get our deposit back because we had kept the keg for more than 4 weeks. let me tell you this, we have had this kegerator for over 2 years and NO ONE has EVER told us to return a keg within 4 weeks to get our OWN money back. now, there is the chance we've always returned a keg within the 4 week period, hence never having this issue. but i do remember a time or two of empty kegs just sitting in our storage room, for who knows how long. so needless to say we are pissed. and of course she couldn't help us as she is not the manager and she kindly told us to call back tomorrow when the manager will be there. YOU BET YOUR ASS I WILL.

anyway, we left lowe's and went to harris teeter to pick up a few items. yes, we went right down the street to another grocery store. we weren't about to give lowe's anymore of our money. since we were frustrated with the situation and we both have been wanting pizza for days now and HT had them on sale, we bought one for dinner. no need to buy those pesky vegetables now.

so we head home with less money than we started with [which was NOT the plan]. when we walk in the door, we expected something to be chewed up. we have a psycho dog that we just cannot stop. well, we saw a different material on the floor. no, it wasn't paper or magazines, like usual. this had a metallic look to it. what was that? we quickly realized it was shredded aluminum foil. and also a chewed up plastic tupperware lid. someone [layla] had been counter-surfing while we were gone. i was puzzled. i had no idea where the aluminum foil came from. keith reminded me that it was sitting on the edge of the counter. i quickly gasped! "that had raw chicken in it!"
that bitch.

good thing we picked up the pizza.

i think it is now about time for a glass of wine. 


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