Sunday, June 9, 2013


our next adventure.

it's what gets keith and i excited. we make plans all the time for our next adventure. we love adventures. just at dinner tonight we were planning two trips we must take this summer. both to the beach, of course. one trip to wilmington, the other to the outer banks [did you seriously have any doubt?].

what's life without adventure? keith and i thrive on going to the places we love and visiting the people we love. i am not sure we could go very long without taking a trip. even if that means just a quick trip home [raleigh] for the weekend.

and while we are planning very simple and cheap trips in our immediate future. we have some bigger plans for 2014. a very close family friend is getting married in indianapolis. i've never been there so i really know nothing about the city. actually, i know absolutely nothing other than it is the home of two professional sports teams [pacers and colts]. we are excited to learn and explore a new city. plus once the wedding festivities are over, we are going to stick around for awhile to learn and explore another new city [chicago]. we've never been to chicago, but have really only heard amazing things about it. we are still up in the air of how long we'll stay there. mainly because we are toying with the idea of heading to toronto [our newest favorite city].

so, we get to spend the next 11 months saving money and planning. it will be like our hockeymoon all over again, minus the hockey. well, unless those blackhawks make another deep playoff run [they are currently in the stanley cup finals]. it's a little overwhelming to think about a trip that is 11 months away. however it is something we can't forget about so that we can head up north to those new cities and really get to enjoy them.


we are constantly planning for, dreaming about and stashing away for our next big trip.


we can't live without them. our life just wouldn't be the same without them.

what is your adventure? is it travel? or is it something else? raising your kids? your career? share in the comments!


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