Sunday, June 23, 2013

do you know your neighbors?

gun violence. it is rapidly becoming a part of the america culture. a part of the acceptable american culture.
there were 2 different gun violence events that occurred this weekend.

there was a shooting in the town i live in on friday.
just before lunch time.
in broad daylight.
for what seems to be no other reason other than to KILL NUMEROUS INNOCENT PEOPLE.
the shooter is a 23 year-old male. he appears to have acted alone.

there was another shooting in atlanta - over some fucking labron james basketball shoes.

this kind of shit makes me so upset. angry, infuriated.

in regards to the shooting in my town, i do not know this man's history or mental status, but i do know that his sole purpose of this shooting was to hurt innocent people. that's it. i am not okay with a person in my community just wanting to go out and hurt people, for no reason. i am not okay with it not being safe for me to run errands or meet a friend for lunch in THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. all because this person felt like hurting innocent people.

now, we do not have many details of the story, such as, the true motive....the real why? what really motivated this person to hurt innocent bystanders?
is he a copycater? did he want to be like the others in the news?
was he mad at an organization?
did someone do him wrong?

in my book...the real motive doesn't matter. this guy and people like him are fuckheads. they are pieces of shit. and they make me sick.
what makes me sicker is that our society and media glorifies this type of behavior. hence, why it keeps happening ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

i live in the middle of no-where eastern north carolina. crazy shit happens here every day. i am used to crazy and crime. however, the crime we see here has a real motive, if you will. someone stole their weed or someone owes them alimony money. most crime here is domestic. people are pissed at people, so they fight. the fight may escalate and someone may get shot or stabbed. oops.
i am not justifying it or suggesting that i think it is okay. however, it makes more sense. at least they are going after the right people. you stole my tractor? well, now i am coming at you with my shot-gun to let you know how i feel about that.
no innocent people involved. they are just handling their business. is the best way to do it? perhaps not. but at least the issue is resolved. now there is no residual anger, someone is jail and they can move on. plus, if this is the only type of crime that is to exist in our community, at least you know that you are safe [unless you are the one who stole the tractor].

these other fuckheads who just shoot-up movie theaters, schools, or towns...just for the hell of it? well, they seemed to have never dealt with some residual anger. and instead of managing the issue with whomever bothered/upset/angered them, they decided that killing/attempting to kill innocent people was a better idea. what the hell did those innocent people have to do with [you] and [your] issues/problems/anger? ohh that's right, nothing. so, next time, why don't we just go ahead and leave them out of it.

our communities should be safe. we should not fear going to the grocery store, to the park or on a lunch date. our towns should be safe. our counties and states should be safe. our country should be safe. we need to take our neighborhood back!

the first place to start? get to know your neighbors.


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