Wednesday, February 1, 2012

resolution update

so today is february 1st. a month into our new year. can you believe it?! so, as promised...let me update you on my new years resolutions.

looking at our macdaddy resolution to "get right"....well.
let's look at the good first. we are eating better. but still eat out too much. we drink less...but should drink even less. i sleep plenty, just as i always have. i just wish we had a more regular sleep schedule. so....all positives, with some minor things to keep on improving on. no big deal.
now, moving onto the bad.
we went to the gym today. and monday. however, the three weeks prior to that were rough. i blame it on the most horrific cold i can ever remember having. i missed 2 or 3 days of work. for a freaking cold. however, i eventually had to take antibiotics to get rid of it. so i am inclined to think it was more than just a cold, as the doctor was so sure to diagnose.
so the cold/chest congestion sickness was a huge setback. because the 2 weeks prior to my cold we had gotten into a great gym routine. we were even excited to be back at the gym.

then...the cold took me down.

i wasn't going anywhere fast. i hardly wanted to get out of bed. i didn't want to eat or drink. i did out of necessity not desire. i coughed nonstop. especially when i laid down. so slept on this ridiculous slope of pillows that kept my chest elevated but didn't cause a crick in my neck. somehow it was comfortable.

this past monday was our first day back at the gym. it felt great. so did today. it's good to be back!

i am working on keeping in touch with family and friends. it takes TIME. gosh. who has time for relationships anymore? isn't that what facebook is for? but seriously, i am reaching out and making an effort. because my family and my friends are important to me. and i want them to know that. :)

DREAMS. i do it everyday.

oh, honeymoon is in 7 days. CAN'T. FREAKING. WAIT.
so, i'd say our traveling resolution is alive and well! we'll post stories and pictures when we get back.

until then, keep enjoying this awesomely mild winter!


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