Monday, February 27, 2012


10 days. 8 teams. 4 cities. LOTS of hockey.

keith and i just returned from the most insane honeymoon there ever was. instead of relaxing in a hidden paradise for a week, we decided it would be better to run around in four strange cities for 10 days. all in the name of hockey. and of course, love.
we only had a few hiccups. and we most definitely would do it all over again :)

in order to share our amazing hockeymoon with you i am going to break it up into several blogs. this way you don't have to read through one tremendously longgggg blog. instead you can read many kind-of long blogs. because we all know that i am slightly long-winded about things that make my heart pound.

unfortunately, the blog is going to post everything in reverse cronological order. if i can figure out a way to fix this, i will. so, don't cheat. READ THEM IN ORDER. so fight the temptation to read the end first. SCROLL DOWN. and just in case you don't remember this was the order of our trip:
new york

also, in other bad news, the cord that connects the camera to the computer...well, apparently we have the wrong one. so, whereas i do have some pictures to share, most of them are from hockey games. or are are mediocre pictures taken on an iphone. once we figure out the cord situation on the good camera, i will most definitely share more pictures!

lastly, i will include a blog (or two) about our favorite things and our least favorite things. and if we did this all over again, things we'd change and things we do just the same.

i hope you enjoy reading about our journey as much as i enjoy reliving it and sharing it with you! ♥ :)


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