Tuesday, January 24, 2012

freedom to choose

so it seems that people are a little upset about tim thomas not going to the white house.

um. why? exactly.

sure this was a team event. sure they should participate in team events. you know, bonding and what not. sure it looks like a nationwide and team snub.

however, this was not one of their charitable causes or PR event for the bruins. well, ok, maybe there was a little PR in it. but i'd like to say there was more PR involved for the pres and white house than the bruins. but anyway….

so they were invited to this event. to acknowledge their stanley cup win. which by the way, they won 7 months ago. where were you on that one white house? keep up with the times. shit.

so, let’s think about just how many events a professional team may be invited to in any given year. or hockey season. or month. or week. or any given day. i am sure it is more than your iCal can manage. these guys are busy. and popular.
i realize this was not the reason timmy did not go. but follow me on this…

so the bruins are invited by hundreds of organizations and agencies to hundreds of events. and i am sure most of these events they have absolutely no interest in attending.

nor is the entire team required to attend of all these events. could you imagine seeing 30+ guys running around boston together ALL THE FUCKING TIME? it would be ridiculous.

that is why three go to the children’s hospital. three different guys go to burritos with the boys. three other guys go to the soup kitchen. and so on.

and sure…some events are mandatory. FOR THE ENTIRE TEAM. like an event put on for bruins fans or a large charitable event for the boston bruins foundation.

however, most events probably are voluntary. and back to my original point…most guys probably don’t want to go to all the events. especially if it supports a cause they are against.

if you are environmentalist, you probably aren’t interested in attending an event put on by a big oil company. even if there is free food and booze. and if you do go then maybe your morals and ideals are not as strong as you make them seem. and certainly not as strong as tim thomas’.

sure it may seem ridiculous that he chose not to meet our president and tour his pad. but the president and the government that he is a part of is something that thomas doesn’t support. he held strong to what he believes in. he chose not to participate in a team activity. he chose not to follow his teammates. he chose to stand out from the crowd.

there needs to be more people like tim thomas in our country. more people willing to stand up for what they believe in. no matter how big or how small. then perhaps we’d still have a country based on morals and ideals instead of nothing.

and the best part of all of this. is that NO ONE has to agree with what thomas did or what i said in supporting him. that is what makes our country so awesome. BEING FREE. that is what he was supporting. his freedom, which is what he feels that our goverment is slowly compromising.

so thank you for reading my opinions. i am also glad i have the FREEDOM to write my thoughts on issues. and i am also thankful to know that not everyone will like what i say. but that comes with the territory of FREE SPEECH. and i am definitely okay with that.


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Jenn & David said...

Even though you shared a few more "choice words" than what I would have used (hehe), I completely agree with you, Kendra. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.